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  1. Hearing the Suicidal Patient's Emotional Pain
  2. Electroencephalographic findings in patients with major depressive disorder during cognitive or emotional tasks: a systematic review
  3. International perspectives on becoming a master coaching psychologist.
  4. Self-esteem within cognitive behavioural coaching: a theoretical framework to integrate theory with practice
  5. Cognitive-behavioural therapy and cognitive-behavioural coaching: differences and similarities between the two approaches
  6. Cognitive Behavioral Approaches
  7. The nature and focus of coaching in the UK today: a UK survey report
  8. The Coaching Relationship: Putting People First edited by Stephen Palmer and Almuth McDowall
  9. Coaching Skills Self-Efficacy Scale
  10. Interview with Stephen Palmer: the development of cognitive behavioural coaching
  11. Cognitive Behavioural Coaching in Practice
  12. Exploring key aspects in the formation of coaching relationships: initial indicators from the perspective of the coachee and the coach
  13. Capitalizing on coaching investment: enhancing coaching transfer
  14. Phase 1 of an investigation into the levels of stress in United Kingdom hospice services
  15. Inference chaining: A rational coaching technique
  16. Conclusion
  17. Death and Bereavement Around the World: Volume 5: Reflective Essays
  18. How Cognitive Behavioural, Rational Emotive Behavioural or Multimodal Coaching could Prevent Mental Health Problems, Enhance Performance and Reduce Work Related Stress
  19. Handbook of Coaching Psychology: A Guide for Practitioners
  20. The role of gender in workplace stress: a critical literature review
  21. The Essential Skills for Setting Up a Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice
  22. Perceptions of stress and stress interventions in finance organizations: Overcoming resistance towards counselling
  23. Health Coaching: a Developing Field within Health Education
  24. Counselling in Action: A multimodal assessment and rational emotive behavioural approach to stress counselling: a case study
  25. Postgraduate Training in Health Promotion
  26. Handbook of Solution-Focused Therapy
  27. Health coaching to facilitate the promotion of healthy behaviour and achievement of health-related goals
  28. Boundaries, journals and counselling psychology: Stephen Palmer interviews Kasia Szymanska
  29. Suicide reduction and prevention: Strategies and interventions
  30. Brief Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  31. Integrative and Eclectic Counselling and Psychotherapy
  32. Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy: The Essential Guide
  33. A conversation with professor Robert Bor
  34. Letter from the Chair/Profile
  35. Telephone counselling in China
  36. Past, present and future
  37. Journals and journeys: An interview with Tony Watts
  38. Stress management: Approaches and interventions
  39. Stress management: approaches and interventions
  40. Stephen Palmer
  41. CPI talks to Dr Anna Syrek-Kosowska, SCP Hon VP
  42. Coaching in Organizations
  43. Stress Management for Employees: An Evidence-Based Approach
  44. CLARITY: A cognitive behavioural coaching model
  45. Compassion-focused imagery for use within compassion focused coaching
  46. Confidentiality: A Case Study
  47. Counselling Idiographically: The Multimodal Approach
  48. Developing an Individual Counselling Programme: A Multimodal Perspective
  49. In Search of Effective Counselling across Cultures
  50. Introduction
  51. Introduction
  52. Introduction: Counselling in a Multicultural Society
  53. Modality Assessment
  54. Multimodal Therapy
  55. The Coaching Alliance as a universal concept spanning conceptual approaches
  56. The PRACTICE model of coaching: towards a solution-focused approach
  57. United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)
  58. What Do You Say after You Say ‘Er’?