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  1. Depressive symptoms in Chinese immigrant mothers: Relations with perceptions of social status and interpersonal support.
  2. Perceptions of social status in Chinese American children: Associations with social cognitions and socioemotional well-being.
  3. Influences on Chinese American immigrant parents' emotional expression in the family
  4. Heritage language socialization in Chinese American immigrant families: prospective links to children’s heritage language proficiency
  5. Mental illness stigmas in South Asian Americans: A cross-cultural investigation.
  6. Cultural Values, Social Status, and Chinese American Immigrant Parents’ Emotional Expressivity
  7. How generalizable is the inverse relationship between social class and emotion perception?
  8. Asian American social media use: From cyber dependence and cyber harassment to saving face.
  9. Maternal Meta-Emotion Philosophy Moderates Effect of Maternal Symptomatology on Preschoolers Exposed to Domestic Violence
  10. Effortful control and early academic achievement of Chinese American children in immigrant families
  11. Chinese American immigrant parents’ emotional expression in the family: Relations with parents’ cultural orientations and children’s emotion-related regulation.
  12. The dominance behavioural system: A multidimensional transdiagnostic approach
  13. Adverse childhood experiences and leukocyte telomere maintenance in depressed and healthy adults
  14. Variations on the bilingual advantage? Links of Chinese and English proficiency to Chinese American children's self-regulation
  15. Parent–child cultural orientations and child adjustment in Chinese American immigrant families.
  16. Neighborhood characteristics, parenting styles, and children’s behavioral problems in Chinese American immigrant families.
  17. Evaluating the cultural fit of the New Beginnings Parent Program for divorced Asian American mothers: A pilot study.
  18. Teacher–child relationship quality and academic achievement of Chinese American children in immigrant families
  19. Parents’ Expression and Discussion of Emotion in the Multilingual Family
  20. Asset and Protective Factors for Asian American Children's Mental Health Adjustment
  21. Family Influences on Mania-Relevant Cognitions and Beliefs: A Cognitive Model of Mania and Reward
  22. Parental Expressivity and Parenting Styles in Chinese Families: Prospective and Unique Relations to Children's Psychological Adjustment
  23. Commonalities and Differences in the Research on Children’s Effortful Control and Executive Function: A Call for an Integrated Model of Self-Regulation
  24. Altered sensitivity of CD81-deficient mice to neurobehavioral effects of cocaine