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  1. Evaluation of Levator Function for Efficacy of Minimally Invasive and Standard Techniques for Involutional Ptosis
  2. Retractor plication versus retractor plication and lateral tarsal strip for eyelid entropion correction
  3. Standard Enucleation with Aluminium Oxide Implant (Bioceramic) Covered with Patient's Sclera
  4. A Prospective Study Evaluating IOP Changes after Switching from a Therapy with Prostaglandin Eye Drops Containing Preservatives to Nonpreserved Tafluprost in Glaucoma Patients
  5. Changes in corneal parameters at confocal microscopy in treated glaucoma patients
  6. Diagnostic Assessment of Normal and Pale Optic Nerve Heads by Confocal Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope and Stereophotography
  7. Short-wavelength automated perimetry and frequency-doubling technology perimetry in glaucoma