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  1. Efficiency of gold nanoparticles coated with the antimicrobial peptide indolicidin against biofilm formation and development of Candida spp. clinical isolates
  2. Daphnia magna and Xenopus laevis
  3. cyclic mini-β-defensin
  4. Peptide gH625 enters into neuron and astrocyte cell lines and crosses the blood–brain barrier in rats
  5. Exploitation of viral properties for intracellular delivery
  6. Antiviral activity of mycosynthesized silver nanoparticles against herpes simplex virus and human parainfluenza virus type 3
  7. gH625 is a viral derived peptide for effective delivery of intrinsically disordered proteins
  8. Dendrimers functionalized with membrane-interacting peptides for viral inhibition
  9. Peptides complementary to the active loop of porin P2 from Haemophilus influenzae modulate its activity