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  1. Side Matters: Breaking the symmetry of light shining through
  2. Infrared light and crystal vibrations in-sync: reviewing a world of possibilities
  3. Feature issue introduction: Beyond Thin Films: Photonics with Ultrathin and Atomically Thin Materials
  4. Front Matter: Volume 10721
  5. Frequency-domain versus time-domain analysis of slow-light mesophotonic waveguides: Theoretical insights for practically realizable devices
  6. Electromagnetic energy accumulation in mesophotonic slow-light waveguides
  7. Perfectly asymmetric reflection enables unidirectional emission in a phonon-polariton (reststrahlen-band) material platform
  8. Broadband Near-Unidirectional Absorption Enabled by Phonon-Polariton Resonances in SiC Micropyramid Arrays
  9. Front Matter: Volume 9920
  10. Front Matter: Volume 9546
  11. Front Matter: Volume 9162
  12. Broadband Mid-IR superabsorption with aperiodic polaritonic photonic crystals
  13. Extended slow-light field enhancement in positive-index/negative-index heterostructures
  14. Front Matter: Volume 8808
  15. Compact photonic-crystal superabsorbers from strongly absorbing media
  16. Unconventional infrared absorption with polaritonic photonic crystals
  17. Photonic crystals as metamaterials
  18. Photonic-crystal-based polaritonic metamaterials functional at terahertz
  19. Mid-IR near-perfect absorption with a SiC photonic crystal with angle-controlled polarization selectivity
  20. Harnessing IR absorption with polaritonic PCs
  21. Nonresonant Broadband Funneling of Light via Ultrasubwavelength Channels
  22. Front Matter: Volume 8095
  23. Two-dimensional polaritonic photonic crystals as terahertz uniaxial metamaterials
  24. Polaritonic metamaterials for THz photonics
  25. Compact planar far-field superlens based on anisotropic left-handed metamaterials
  26. Publisher’s Note: Subwavelength Resolution in a Two-Dimensional Photonic-Crystal-Based Superlens [Phys. Rev. Lett.91, 207401 (2003)]
  27. Experimental verification of backward wave propagation at photonic crystal surfaces
  28. Backward surface waves at photonic crystals
  29. Optical near-field excitations on plasmonic nanoparticle-based structures
  30. Omni-reflectance and enhanced resonant tunneling from multilayers containing left-handed materials
  31. Electromagnetic wave propagation in two-dimensional photonic crystals: A study of anomalous refractive effects
  32. Negative refraction and superlens behavior in a two-dimensional photonic crystal
  33. Delay-time investigation of electromagnetic waves through homogeneous medium and photonic crystal left-handed materials
  34. Subwavelength Resolution in a Two-Dimensional Photonic-Crystal-Based Superlens
  35. Negative refraction and left-handed behavior in two-dimensional photonic crystals
  36. Negative refraction by photonic crystals
  37. Refraction in Media with a Negative Refractive Index
  38. Theoretical investigation of one-dimensional cavities in two-dimensional photonic crystals
  39. In- and out-of-plane propagation of electromagnetic waves in low index contrast two dimensional photonic crystals