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  1. A general differential quasi variational–hemivariational inequality: Well-posedness and application
  2. Shape optimization for the Stokes hemivariational inequality with slip boundary condition
  3. Well-posedness and global error bound for generalized mixed quasi-variational-hemivariational inequalities via regularized gap functions
  4. Inverse problems for constrained parabolic variational-hemivariational inequalities *
  5. Editorial: Overview and Some New Directions
  6. A new general class of systems of elliptic quasi-variational–hemivariational inequalities
  7. Differential variational–hemivariational inequalities with application to contact mechanics
  8. A New System of Differential Quasi-Hemivariational Inequalities in Contact Mechanics
  9. A Class of Multivalued Quasi-Variational Inequalities with Applications
  10. Well-posedness of constrained evolutionary differential variational–hemivariational inequalities with applications
  11. A generalized Stokes system with a non-smooth slip boundary condition
  12. An inverse problem for Bingham type fluids
  13. Convergence of a generalized penalty and regularization method for quasi–variational–hemivariational inequalities
  14. Analysis of Stokes system with solution-dependent subdifferential boundary conditions
  15. A new class of elliptic quasi-variational-hemivariational inequalities for fluid flow with mixed boundary conditions
  16. A class of history-dependent systems of evolution inclusions with applications
  17. Nonlinear Quasi-hemivariational Inequalities: Existence and Optimal Control
  18. Well-Posedness, Optimal Control, and Sensitivity Analysis for a Class of Differential Variational-Hemivariational Inequalities
  19. Constrained Variational-Hemivariational Inequalities on Nonconvex Star-Shaped Sets
  20. A New Class of History–Dependent Evolutionary Variational–Hemivariational Inequalities with Unilateral Constraints
  21. Maximum principles for a class of generalized time-fractional diffusion equations
  22. Optimal Control of History-Dependent Evolution Inclusions with Applications to Frictional Contact
  23. Penalty and regularization method for variational-hemivariational inequalities with application to frictional contact
  24. Hemivariational inequalities modeling electro-elastic unilateral frictional contact problem
  25. A quasistatic frictional contact problem with damage involving viscoelastic materials with short memory
  26. Analysis of an adhesive contact problem for viscoelastic materials with long memory
  27. Numerical analysis of history-dependent variational–hemivariational inequalities with applications to contact problems
  28. Editorial
  29. History-dependent variational–hemivariational inequalities in contact mechanics
  30. History-Dependent Problems with Applications to Contact Models for Elastic Beams
  31. Advances in Variational and Hemivariational Inequalities
  32. Two History-Dependent Contact Problems
  33. Evolutionary Inclusions and Hemivariational Inequalities
  34. A hybrid algorithm for solving inverse problems in elasticity
  35. Elliptic Hemivariational Inequalities with Nonhomogeneous Neumann Boundary Conditions and Their Applications to Static Frictional Contact Problems
  36. Analysis of a piezoelectric contact problem with subdifferential boundary condition
  37. Analysis of two quasistatic history-dependent contact models
  38. Existence results for evolutionary inclusions and variational–hemivariational inequalities
  39. Hemivariational Inequality Approach to Evolutionary Constrained Problems on Star-Shaped Sets
  40. Sensitivity of the Solution Set to Second Order Evolution Inclusions
  41. A class of dynamic frictional contact problems governed by a system of hemivariational inequalities in thermoviscoelasticity
  42. A Class of Variational-Hemivariational Inequalities with Applications to Frictional Contact Problems
  43. A Class of History-Dependent Inclusionswith Applications to Contact Problems
  44. Variational analysis of the Langmuir–Hinshelwood dynamic mixed-kinetic adsorption model
  45. A model of a spring-mass-damper system with temperature-dependent friction
  46. Nonlinear Inclusions and Hemivariational Inequalities
  47. Solvability and continuous dependence results for second order nonlinear evolution inclusions with a Volterra-type operator
  48. Weak solvability of two quasistatic viscoelastic contact problems
  49. Preliminaries
  50. Elements of Nonlinear Analysis
  51. Evolutionary Inclusions and Hemivariational Inequalities
  52. Modeling of Contact Problems
  53. Analysis of Dynamic Contact Problems
  54. Analysis of Static Contact Problems
  55. Stationary Inclusions and Hemivariational Inequalities
  56. Function Spaces
  57. Subdifferential inclusions and quasi-static hemivariational inequalities for frictional viscoelastic contact problems
  58. History-dependent subdifferential inclusions and hemivariational inequalities in contact mechanics
  59. Analysis of a quasistatic contact problem for piezoelectric materials
  60. A class of optimal control problems for piezoelectric frictional contact models
  61. Analysis of a frictional contact problem for viscoelastic materials with long memory
  62. Multi-deme, twin adaptive strategyhp-HGS
  63. Analysis of a dynamic contact problem for electro-viscoelastic cylinders
  64. Variational analysis of fully coupled electro-elastic frictional contact problems
  65. Analysis of lumped models with contact and friction
  66. An inverse coefficient problem for a parabolic hemivariational inequality
  67. Weak solvability of antiplane frictional contact problems for elastic cylinders
  68. Nonconvex Inequality Models for Contact Problems of Nonsmooth Mechanics
  69. A dynamic frictional contact problem for piezoelectric materials
  70. An evolution problem in nonsmooth elasto-viscoplasticity
  72. Solvability of dynamic antiplane frictional contact problems for viscoelastic cylinders
  73. Weak solvability of a piezoelectric contact problem
  74. Quasi-Static Hemivariational Inequality via Vanishing Acceleration Approach
  75. A note on a paper by Su Ke and He Zhen
  76. Analysis of a dynamic Elastic-Viscoplastic contact problem with friction
  77. Dynamic bilateral contact problem for viscoelastic piezoelectric materials with adhesion
  78. Homogenization of boundary hemivariational inequalities in linear elasticity
  80. Dynamic viscoelastic piezoelectric contact with adhesion
  81. A class of hemivariational inequalities for electroelastic contact problems with slip dependent friction
  82. Noncoercive damping in dynamic hemivariational inequality with application to problem of piezoelectricity
  83. Vanishing viscosity for hemivariational inequalities modeling dynamic problems in elasticity
  84. Existence and Uniqueness to a Dynamic Bilateral Frictional Contact Problem in Viscoelasticity
  85. Evolution Hemivariational Inequality for a Class of Dynamic Viscoelastic Nonmonotone Frictional Contact Problems
  86. Hemivariational inequality for a frictional contact problem in elasto-piezoelectricity
  87. A Unified Approach to Dynamic Contact Problems in Viscoelasticity
  88. Existence of solutions for second order evolution inclusions with application to mechanical contact problems
  89. Hemivariational inequalities in thermoviscoelasticity
  90. Dynamic hemivariational inequalities in contact mechanics
  91. Hemivariational Inequalities Modeling Dynamic Viscoelastic Contact Problems with Friction
  92. Dynamic hemivariational inequality modeling viscoelastic contact problem with normal damped response and friction
  93. Hemivariational inequalities for stationary Navier–Stokes equations
  94. Hemivariational inequality for viscoelastic contact problem with slip-dependent friction
  95. On Sensitivity of Optimal Solutions to Control Problems for Hyperbolic Hemivariational inequalities
  96. Boundary Hemivariational Inequalities of Hyperbolic Type and Applications
  97. A system of evolution hemivariational inequalities modeling thermoviscoelastic frictional contact
  98. Boundary hemivariational inequality of parabolic type
  99. Boundary hemivariational inequality of parabolic type*1
  100. On the convergence of solutions of multivalued parabolic equations and applications
  102. An Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis: Theory
  103. An Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis: Applications
  104. Nonsmooth Analysis
  105. SET-Valued Analysis
  106. Banach Spaces
  107. Elements of Topology
  108. Elements of Measure Theory
  109. Modeling and Identification in a Dynamic Viscoelastic Contact Problem With Normal Damped Response and Friction
  110. Parameter Identification for Evolution Hemivariational Inequalities and Applications
  111. Evolution hemivariational inequalities in infinite dimension and their control
  112. On existence of solutions for parabolic hemivariational inequalities
  113. Inverse Coefficient Problem for Elliptic Hemivariational Inequality
  114. Identification coefficient problems for elliptic hemivariational inequalities and applications
  115. Optimal Shape Design for Elliptic Hemivariational Inequalities in Nonlinear Elasticity
  116. Identification of nonlinear heat transfer laws in problems modeled by hemivariational inequalities
  117. Control problems for systems described by nonlinear second order evolution inclusions
  118. On an existence result for nonlinear evolution inclusions
  119. A counterexample to a compact embedding theorem for functions with values in a Hilbert space
  120. Sensitivity analysis of distributed-parameter optimal control problems for nonlinear parabolic equations
  121. A counterexample to a compact embedding theorem for functions with values in a Hilbert space
  122. A Counterexample to a Compact Embedding Theorem for Functions with Values in a Hilbert Space
  123. A stability result for parameter identification problems in nonlinear parabolic problems
  124. Existence and relaxation results for nonlinear evolution inclusions revisited
  125. A counterexample to a compact embedding theorem for functions with values in a Hilbert space
  126. Control problems for parabolic and hyperbolic equations via the theory ofG and Γ convergence
  127. The existence aspects of Dupuit and Boussinesq filtration models using finite element method
  128. Existence of Solutions to Evolution Second Order Hemivariational Inequalities with Multivalued Damping