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  1. Binary whale optimization algorithm: a new metaheuristic approach for profit-based unit commitment problems in competitive electricity markets
  2. Dynamic Incentive Framework for Demand Response in Distribution System using Moving Time Horizon Control
  3. Demand Side Management with Consumer Clusters in Cyber-Physical Smart Distribution System Considering Price Based and Reward Based Scheduling Programs
  4. Modelling and analysis of resource scheduling in restructured power systems considering wind energy uncertainty
  5. Solution to unit commitment in power system operation planning using binary coded modified moth flame optimization algorithm (BMMFOA): A flame selection based computational technique
  6. Operation window constrained strategic energy management of microgrid with electric vehicle and distributed resources
  7. Binary fireworks algorithm for profit based unit commitment (PBUC) problem
  8. Demand Response Aggregator (DRA) Coordinated Two-Stage Responsive Load Scheduling in Distribution System Considering Customer Behavior
  9. WITHDRAWN: V-trough concentrator with integrated cooling for performance enhancement of rooftop PV in arid and semi-arid regions of India
  10. Experimental analysis of parameter variation and power enhancement of concentrated PV module
  11. Resource scheduling in deregulated market with uncertain wind energy generation
  12. V-Trough Concentrator with Back Surface Cooling for Rooftop Photovoltaic System
  13. Price Based Resource Scheduling with Renewable Energy in Emission Constrained Market Structure
  14. Modelling of Carbon Capture Technology Attributes for Unit Commitment in Emission Constrained Environment
  15. Optimal scheduling of uncertain wind energy and demand response in unit commitment using binary grey wolf optimizer (BGWO)
  16. Strategic plug load management system for smart buildings with rooftop photovoltaic system
  17. Strategic Energy Management (SEM) in a micro grid with modern grid interactive electric vehicle
  18. Environmental sustainability analysis of solar photovoltaic (SPV) systems
  19. Profit-based conventional resource scheduling with renewable energy penetration
  20. Cost-emission analysis of electric vehicle as contingency reserve in resource scheduling
  21. Binary Fireworks Algorithm Based Thermal Unit Commitment
  22. Potential benefits of electric vehicle deployment as responsive reserve in unit commitment
  23. Eco-economie sizing of autonomous hybrid energy system (AHES) using particle swarm optimization (PSO)
  24. Productive use of distributed renewable generation source with electric vehicle in smart grid
  25. Productive use of distributed renewable generation source with electric vehicle in smart grid