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  1. Processing Intensive Care Unit Treatment Experiences: A Thematic Analysis of a Diary Intervention
  2. Healthcare professionals’ involvement in breaking bad news to newly diagnosed patients with motor neurodegenerative conditions: a qualitative study
  3. Mental Health Professionals’ Attitudes Towards People with Severe Mental Illness: Are they Related to Professional Quality of Life?
  4. Description of the basic psychometric characteristics and the factor structure of the Greek version of the Pathological Narcissism Inventory
  5. Using narrative futuring as a means of facing liminal employment status and space.
  6. Patients with Multiple Sclerosis in Psychotherapy: Processes of Meaning Making and Self Transformation
  7. Lived experiences: a focus group pilot study within the MentALLY project of mental healthcare among European users
  8. A Critical Perspective on Mental Health News in Six European Countries: How Are “Mental Health/Illness” and “Mental Health Literacy” Rhetorically Constructed?
  9. Healthcare professionals’ perspectives on mental health service provision: a pilot focus group study in six European countries
  10. From social workers to socio-therapists: the transformative journey of substance abuse therapists
  11. A Pilot Study of a Trauma Training for Healthcare Workers Serving Refugees in Greece: Perceptions of Feasibility of Task-Shifting Trauma Informed Care
  12. The neoliberal myth of austerity: Debt and solidarity in the forefront of public space
  13. The “constant tug-of-war” in mental health care in Greece
  14. The Greek Referendum Vote of 2015 as a Paradoxical Communicative Practice: A Narrative, Future-Making Approach
  15. Youth tubing the Greek crisis
  16. The Role of Desired Future Selves in the Creation of New Experience: The Case of Greek Unemployed Young Adults
  17. Narcissistic Vulnerability and Addiction
  18. Linking family cohesion and flexibility with expressed emotion, family burden and psychological distress in caregivers of patients with psychosis: A path analytic model
  19. Impaired family functioning in psychosis and its relevance to relapse: a two-year follow-up study
  20. Family Functioning in First-Episode and Chronic Psychosis: The Role of Patient’s Symptom Severity and Psychosocial Functioning
  21. Family functioning in families of first-episode psychosis patients as compared to chronic mentally ill patients and healthy controls
  22. YouTube, young people, and the socioeconomic crises in Greece
  23. Identifying the socio-demographic and clinical determinants of family functioning in Greek patients with psychosis
  24. Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Greek version of the Family Questionnaire for assessing expressed emotion
  25. Family functioning in first-episode psychosis: a systematic review of the literature
  26. Forging partnerships for mental health: The case of a prefecture in crisis ravaged Greece
  27. The path towards a professional identity: An IPA study of Greek family therapy trainees
  28. 1365 – Family functioning, expressed emotion and family burden in relatives of first- episode and chronic patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: preliminary findings
  29. Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Validation of the Greek Version of the Family Adaptability and Cohesion Evaluation Scales IV Package (FACES IV Package)
  30. Explorations of subjective wellbeing and character strengths among a Greek University student sample
  31. From icon to person: Findings from a qualitative study of motherhood in Crete
  32. Women’s subjective experiences of food and eating on the island of the ‘Mediterranean diet’
  33. Assessment of Greek University Students’ Counselling Needs and Attitudes: An Exploratory Study
  34. The development and evaluation of a program to sensitize Greek Grammar School Students to issues relating to disability
  35. Sustaining the Dialogue by Co-Creating the Sequence of Meanings
  36. Philosophical dialogues as paths to a more ‘positive psychology’
  37. Greek Teachers' Understandings and Constructions of What Constitutes Social and Emotional Learning
  38. Cognitive and Behavioral Effects of Social Skills Training on Greek and Lebanese Elementary-School Children