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  1. Domestic energy deprivation in Greece: A field study
  2. Monitoring energy poverty in Northern Greece: the energy poverty phenomenon
  3. Residential Heating under Energy Poverty Conditions: A Field Study
  4. Energy Performance of Buildings
  5. Indicators for Buildings’ Energy Performance
  6. The Hotel Industry: Current Situation and Its Steps Beyond Sustainability
  7. Integrated Evaluation of the Performance of Composite Cool Thermal Insulation Materials
  8. Energy and economic analysis of building retrofit for Net Zero Energy Buildings
  9. On the thermal characteristics and the mitigation potential of a medium size urban park in Athens, Greece
  10. Times of Recession: Three Different Renewable Energy Stories from the Mediterranean Region
  11. Barriers on the propagation of renewable energy sources and sustainable solid waste management practices in Greece
  12. Energy efficiency in the Hellenic building sector: An assessment of the restrictions and perspectives of the market