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  1. A new compressible flow model for pneumatic directional control valves
  2. Design and real-time implementation of a robust fractional second-order sliding mode control for an electromechanical system comprising uncertainties and disturbances
  3. Fuel Cell Supported Battery Charger in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Interaction
  4. Design and analysis of a novel adaptive learning control scheme for performance promotion of grid-connected PV systems
  5. Optimized PID-Sliding Mode Controller Based Predictor Design
  6. Co-Design Approach and Co-Simulation Tools for Networked Cyber-Physical Control Systems
  7. Design of an optimal fractional fuzzy gain-scheduled Smith Predictor for a time-delay process with experimental application
  8. An Adaptive Passivity Based Control of Grid Connected VSC with Integral Action
  9. Event-Based Control Strategies for HVAC Systems
  10. An Evaluation of Model-Free Control Strategies for Quadrotor Type Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  11. Design, Analysis and Experimental Application of a Fractional Sliding Mode Control for a Benchmark Process
  12. A Novel Modified Delay-Based Control Algorithm with an Experimental Application
  13. Experimental evaluation of various modified Smith predictor-based fractional order control design strategies in control of a thermal process with time delay
  14. An experimental comparative study of modified Smith Predictor based fractional order controller design strategies for a time delay process
  15. Investigation of time-delayed controller design strategies for an electromechanical system
  16. A fractional fuzzy PI-PD based modified smith predictor for controlling of FOPDT process
  17. A novel interactive system identification and control toolbox dedicated to real-time identification and model reference adaptive control experiments
  18. An Interactive Computer-Aided Instructional Strategy and Assessment Methods for System Identification and Adaptive Control Laboratory
  19. Feedback control strategies for quadrotor-type aerial robots: a survey
  20. Swing up and stabilization control experiments for a rotary inverted pendulum— An educational comparison