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  1. Brexit tricksters and the reconstruction of taboo. Populism, irony and satire in post-referendum Britain
  2. Cate Watson: Comedy and Social Science. Towards a Methodology of Funny
  3. Institutional Complexity and Individual Responses: Delineating the Boundaries of Partial Autonomy
  4. Introduction: Tricksters, humour and activism
  5. New European tricksters: Polish jokes in the context of European Union labour migration
  6. Working to laugh: assembling difference in American stand-up comedy venues
  7. Gender and humour: examining discourses of hegemony and resistance
  8. “I haven’t heard anything about religion whatsoever”: Audience perceptions of anti-Muslim racism in Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator
  9. Entertainment and Race
  10. Humor and Race
  11. Editorial for special issue on education and humour: Education and humour as tools for social awareness and critical consciousness in contemporary classrooms
  12. The rhetoric of disparagement humor: An analysis of anti-semitic joking online
  13. Running a hospital patient safety campaign: a qualitative study
  14. “Dude! You mean you've never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?!?” Nut Allergy as Stigma in Comic Books
  15. A rhetorical discourse analysis of online anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic jokes
  16. Jokes, rhetoric and embodied racism: a rhetorical discourse analysis of the logics of racist jokes on the internet
  17. The Rhetoric of Racist Humour
  18. Developing a rhetorical analysis of racist humour: examining anti-black jokes on the Internet
  19. Liquid Racism and the Danish Prophet Muhammad Cartoons
  20. The reverse discourse and resistance of Asian comedians in the West
  21. The ‘Other’ Laughs Back: Humour and Resistance in Anti-racist Comedy