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  1. Impact of the Madden–Julian oscillation and equatorial waves on tracked mesoscale convective systems over southeast Asia
  2. Mid‐level dry air intrusions over the southern Maritime Continent
  3. Applying pySTEPS optical flow algorithms to improve convection nowcasting over the Maritime Continent
  4. The Role of Density Currents and Gravity Waves in the Offshore Propagation of Convection over Sumatra
  5. Wet and Dry Cold Surges Over the Maritime Continent
  6. The Leeds Africa Climate Hackathon – experiences of running a hackathon and highlights of results
  7. A local-to-large scale view of Maritime Continent rainfall: control by ENSO, MJO and equatorial waves
  8. Roles of air–sea coupling and horizontal resolution in the climate model simulation of Indian monsoon low pressure systems
  9. The influence of air‐sea coupling on forecasts of the 2016 Indian summer monsoon and its intraseasonal variability
  10. Current and emerging developments in subseasonal to decadal prediction
  11. Tropical Cyclone–Related Precipitation over the Northwest Tropical Pacific in Met Office Global Operational Forecasts
  12. The Indian summer monsoon in MetUM-GOML2.0: effects of air–sea coupling and resolution
  13. Intraseasonal Variability of Air–Sea Fluxes over the Bay of Bengal during the Southwest Monsoon
  14. Isolating the Effects of Moisture Entrainment on Convectively Coupled Equatorial Waves in an Aquaplanet GCM
  15. The Indian Summer Monsoon in MetUM-GOML2.0: Effects of air-sea coupling and resolution
  16. BoBBLE: Ocean–Atmosphere Interaction and Its Impact on the South Asian Monsoon
  17. The Indian monsoon: atmospheric dynamics, aerosol and the ocean
  18. Awe and wonder in science
  19. Scale Interactions between the MJO and the Western Maritime Continent
  20. Propagation of the Madden–Julian Oscillation and scale interaction with the diurnal cycle in a high-resolution GCM
  21. The effect of the Madden-Julian Oscillation on station rainfall and river level in the Fly River system, Papua New Guinea
  22. Propagation of the Madden-Julian Oscillation through the Maritime Continent and scale interaction with the diurnal cycle of precipitation