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  1. Beating the cyberbullies
  2. #BlackLivesMatter and business
  3. Good HR, Bad HR
  4. Building resilience in risk-takers
  5. Job insecurity and health
  6. Follow my leader?
  7. Learning how people learn
  8. The pensions glass ceiling?
  9. Right people, right project?
  10. Going back to school?
  11. Improving leadership from the inside out
  12. Understanding increased productivity through facilities management
  13. What does work mean to your workers?
  14. Flexible working: help or hindrance?
  15. New kids on the block
  16. Managing change or changing management?
  17. US Airlines and the age factor
  18. Wellbeing and the workplace
  19. It’s all in the mind
  20. No accounting for taste: problems in hiring and retaining millennials
  21. Welcome to the caring generation?
  22. Disability and beating the system
  23. Mind the gap!
  24. Careering towards change
  25. Learning from failure
  26. Failing to prepare. Prepare to fail?
  27. Facebook, Twitter and the future of HR
  28. Stressing the importance of stress
  29. Women versus men
  30. “Well they would say that, wouldn’t they!”
  31. Mission impossible
  32. Angry young men and women
  33. Pets in the workplace
  34. When change is not as good as a rest
  35. All in it together?
  36. Time well spent?
  37. Employees of the future beware
  38. Six ways to be an effective leader
  39. Blessed are the peacemakers
  40. Human resource development in Brazil
  41. Where is the fun in that?
  42. When “us” doesn’t have to be versus “them”
  43. Care in the community?
  44. Training the trainer
  45. Taking workplace learning back to school
  46. Designing the perfect leader
  47. Joined up approach to global leadership
  48. The relationship between academic accounting research and professional practice
  49. Producing Spaces for Academic Discourse: The Impact of Research Assessment Exercises and Journal Quality Rankings