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  1. Organic template-free synthesis of an open framework silicoaluminophosphate (SAPO) with high thermal stability and high ionic conductivity
  2. A Novel Mechanism of Preferential Enrichment Phenomenon Observed for the Cocrystal of ( RS )‐2‐{4‐[(4‐Chlorophenoxy)methyl]phenoxy}propionic Acid and Isonicotinamide
  3. Precise Urea/Water Eutectic Composition by Temperature-Resolved Second Harmonic Generation
  4. Trimorphism of N-methylurea: crystal structures, phase transitions and thermodynamic stabilities
  5. The role of H-bonds in the solid state organization of [1]benzothieno[3,2-b][1]benzothiophene (BTBT) structures: bis(hydroxy-hexyl)-BTBT, as a functional derivative offering efficient air stable organic field effect transistors (OFETs)
  6. Hydrothermal Synthesis and Dehydration of CaTeO 3 (H 2 O): An Original Route to Generate New CaTeO 3 Polymorphs
  7. Relevance of the Second Harmonic Generation to Characterize Crystalline Samples
  8. Enhanced Second Harmonic Generation from an Organic Self-Assembled Eutectic Binary Mixture: A Case Study with 3-Nitrobenzoic and 3,5-Dinitrobenzoic Acids
  9. Detection of order–disorder transition in organic solids by using temperature resolved second harmonic generation (TR-SHG)
  10. Influence of the cation size on the second harmonic generation response of chiral A(VO2)2(PO4)·3H2O (A = K+, NH4+ and Rb+)
  11. A Racemic and Enantiopure Unsymmetric Diiron(III) Complex with a Chiralo-Carborane-Based Pyridylalcohol Ligand: Combined Chiroptical, Magnetic, and Nonlinear Optical Properties
  12. Monotropic Transition Mechanism of m -Hydroxybenzoic Acid Investigated by Temperature-Resolved Second Harmonic Generation
  13. Temperature-resolved second harmonic generation: a tool designed to study solid-solid transition
  14. Second harmonic generation: applications in phase diagram investigations
  15. Temperature resolved second harmonic generation to probe the structural purity of m-hydroxybenzoic acid