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  1. Analysis Of Acknowledgments of Libraries in the Journal Literature Using Machine Learning
  2. Space and place: a study of a specialized service desk
  3. Robust to Overwhelming: A Case Study on Planned Abandonment for GIS Services
  4. Con-vergence: Bringing Libraries and Popular Culture Conventions Together
  5. Acknowledgment of Libraries in the Journal Literature: An Exploratory Study
  6. Classifying the Imaginary: An Expansion of Library of Congress’ Subclass G9930 for Local Use
  7. World War II Depository Maps at Texas A&M University Libraries
  8. Dyslexia-friendly fonts: Using Open Dyslexic to increase exhibit access
  9. Demonstrating Library Impact Through Acknowledgment: An Examination of Acknowledgments in Theses and Dissertations
  10. Touring Fantasyland: The “Maps of Imaginary Places” Collection and Exhibit at Cushing Memorial Library and Archives
  11. Real Maps, Unreal Places: The Maps of Imaginary Places Collection at Cushing Memorial Library & Archives