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  1. Fluorescence-based logic gate for sensing of Ca2 + and F− ions using PVP crowned chrysene nanoparticles in aqueous medium
  2. Polyvinyl pyrrolidone capped fluorescent anthracene nanoparticles for sensing fluorescein sodium in aqueous solution and analytical application for ophthalmic samples
  3. A highly selective and sensitive single click novel fluorescent off–on sensor for copper and sulfide ions detection directly in aqueous solution using curcumin nanoparticles
  4. TNPs as a novel fluorescent sensor for the selective recognition of fast green FCF: a spectrofluorimetric approach
  5. Selective sensing of Fe2+ ions in aqueous solution based on fluorescence quenching of SDS capped rubrene nanoparticles: application in pharmaceutical formulation
  6. Study of energy transfer between riboflavin (vitamin B2) and AgNPs
  7. A novel FRET probe for selective and sensitive determination of vitamin B12by functionalized CdS QDs in aqueous media: applications to pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis
  8. Off–on fluorescent polyanthracene for recognition of ferric and fluoride ions in aqueous acidic media: application in pharmaceutical and environmental analysis
  9. Fluorescence quenching studies of CTAB stabilized perylene nanoparticles for the determination of Cr(vi) from environmental samples: spectroscopic approach
  10. Pyrene nanoparticles as a novel FRET probe for detection of rhodamine 6G: spectroscopic ruler for textile effluent
  11. A novel pyrimidine derivative as a fluorescent chemosensor for highly selective detection of Aluminum (III) in aqueous media
  12. Solvatochromic fluorescence behavior of 2-amino-6-hydroxy-4-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)-pyrimidine-5-carbonitrile: A sensitive fluorescent probe for detection of pH and water composition in binary aqueous solutions
  13. Direct detection of sulfide ions [S2−] in aqueous media based on fluorescence quenching of functionalized CdS QDs at trace levels: analytical applications to environmental analysis
  14. A novel colorimetric probe for highly selective recognition of Hg2+ ions in aqueous media based on inducing the aggregation of CPB-capped AgNPs: accelerating direct detection for environmental analysis
  15. A spectral deciphering the perturbation of model transporter protein (HSA) by antibacterial pyrimidine derivative: Pharmacokinetic and biophysical insights
  16. Micellar‐mediated binding interaction between proflavine hemisulfate and salicylic acid: Spectroscopic insights and its analytical application
  17. Highly Selective and Sensitive Recognition of Cobalt(II) Ions Directly in Aqueous Solution Using Carboxyl-Functionalized CdS Quantum Dots as a Naked Eye Colorimetric Probe: Applications to Environmental Analysis
  18. Evaluation of interparticle interaction between colloidal Ag nanoparticles coated with trisodium citrate and safranine by using FRET: Spectroscopic and mechanistic approach
  19. Spectroscopic Investigation on the Interaction of Pyrimidine Derivative, 2-Amino-6-hydroxy-4-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)-pyrimidine-5-carbonitrile with Human Serum Albumin: Mechanistic and Conformational Study
  20. Fluorescence Enhancement Effect for the Determination of Adenosine 5′-Monophosphate with 9-Anthracene Carboxylic Acid-Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide System
  21. Fluorimetric Study on the Interaction between Norfloxacin and Proflavine Hemisulphate
  22. A novel method for ranitidine hydrochloride determination in aqueous solution based on fluorescence quenching of functionalised CdS QDs through photoinduced charge transfer process: Spectroscopic approach
  23. Fluorescence spectroscopic studies on interaction between carprofen and triton X-100 micelle
  24. Fluorimetric study of the interaction between ATP and ciprofloxacin-Y3+ complex and its application
  25. Fluorescence Quenching Studies of the Interaction Between Riboflavin and Norfloxacin and Analytical Application in the Determination of Vitamin B2