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  1. HybridSN: Exploring 3-D–2-D CNN Feature Hierarchy for Hyperspectral Image Classification
  2. Impact of fully connected layers on performance of convolutional neural networks for image classification
  3. Unconstrained texture classification using efficient jet texton learning
  4. LDOP: local directional order pattern for robust face retrieval
  5. Local bit-plane decoded convolutional neural network features for biomedical image retrieval
  6. Local ZigZag Max Histograms of Pooling Pattern for Texture Classification
  7. diffGrad: An Optimization Method for Convolutional Neural Networks
  8. Face retrieval using frequency decoded local descriptor
  9. Local SVD based NIR face retrieval
  10. Multichannel Decoded Local Binary Patterns for Content-Based Image Retrieval
  11. Novel local bit-plane dissimilarity pattern for computed tomography image retrieval
  12. LBDP
  13. Boosting local binary pattern with bag-of-filters for content based image retrieval
  14. Local Wavelet Pattern: A New Feature Descriptor for Image Retrieval in Medical CT Databases
  15. Apple disease classification using color, texture and shape features from images
  16. LDEP
  17. RSHD
  18. LCOD
  19. Identity verification using shape and geometry of human hands
  20. Application of Image Processing in Fruit and Vegetable Analysis: A Review
  21. Fruit and vegetable recognition by fusing colour and texture features of the image using machine learning
  22. IOLD
  23. A multi-channel based illumination compensation mechanism for brightness invariant image retrieval
  24. Fusing Color and Texture Cues to Identify the Fruit Diseases Using Images
  25. Emotion recognition from facial expressions based on multi-level classification
  26. Fruit disease recognition using improved sum and difference histogram from images
  27. Species and variety detection of fruits and vegetables from images
  28. Detection and Classification of Apple Fruit Diseases Using Complete Local Binary Patterns
  29. Semantic Image Retrieval by Combining Color, Texture and Shape Features
  30. ISADH
  31. Adapted Approach for Fruit Disease Identification using Images
  32. Automatic Fruit Disease Classification Using Images