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  1. Solvation Dynamics and Intermittent Oscillation of Cell Membrane: Live Chinese Hamster Ovary Cell
  2. Structure and dynamics of lysozyme in DMSO–water binary mixture: fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
  3. Heterogeneity in binary mixtures of dimethyl sulfoxide and glycerol: Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
  4. Dynamics in Cytoplasm, Nucleus, and Lipid Droplet of a Live CHO Cell: Time-Resolved Confocal Microscopy
  5. Solvation Dynamics of Biological Water in a Single Live Cell under a Confocal Microscope
  6. Effect of NaCl on ESPT‐Mediated FRET in a CTAC Micelle: A Femtosecond and FCS Study
  7. Salt Effect on the Ultrafast Proton Transfer in Niosome
  8. Solvation Dynamics under a Microscope: Single Giant Lipid Vesicle
  9. Diffusion of organic dyes in a niosome
  10. Solvation Dynamics and Rotational Relaxation Study Inside Niosome, A Nonionic Innocuous Poly(ethylene Glycol)-Based Surfactant Assembly: An Excitation Wavelength Dependent Experiment