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  1. Purification of phenol-contaminated water by adsorption with quaternized poly(dimethylaminopropyl methacrylamide)-grafted PVBC microspheres
  2. Superhydrophobic CuO nanoneedle-covered copper surfaces for anticorrosion
  3. Multifunctional REDV-conjugated zwitterionic polycarboxybetaine–polycaprolactone hybrid surfaces for enhanced antibacterial activity, anti-thrombogenicity and endothelial cell proliferation
  4. PCL microspheres tailored with carboxylated poly(glycidyl methacrylate)–REDV conjugates as conducive microcarriers for endothelial cell expansion
  5. PVDF film tethered with RGD-click-poly(glycidyl methacrylate) brushes by combination of direct surface-initiated ATRP and click chemistry for improved cytocompatibility