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  1. Performance evaluation framework for sustainable freight transportation systems
  2. Hospital-supplier integration and hospital performance: evidence from Saudi Arabia
  3. An investigation into critical service determinants of customer to business (C2B) type product returns in retail firms
  4. Supply chain resilience: role of complexities and strategies
  5. Salient task environment, reverse logistics and performance
  6. Sourcing complexity in the Chinese manufacturing sector: An assessment of intangible factors and contractual relationship strategies
  7. Supplier Assessment in Global Apparel Supply Chains
  8. Green supply chain collaboration and incentives: Current trends and future directions
  9. Sustainable Practices in Luxury Apparel Industry
  10. RFID-enabled process reengineering of closed-loop supply chains in the healthcare industry of Singapore
  11. Promises and Pitfalls of Using Social Media in Public E-procurement: an Appraisal
  12. Graduate students' perceptions of supply chain skills for supply chain managers
  13. An importance-performance analysis for supplier assessment in foreign-aid funded procurement
  14. The impact of carbon pricing on a closed-loop supply chain: an Australian case study
  15. Supply Chain Complexity and Strategy
  16. Factors Affecting RFID Adoption in Chinese Manufacturing Firms: An Investigation Using AHP
  17. Factors for implementing end-of-life computer recycling operations in reverse supply chains
  18. Use of Third Party Logistics Services: An Asia-Pacific Perspective
  19. Indian textile suppliers' sustainability evaluation using the grey approach
  20. The task environment, resource commitment and reverse logistics performance: evidence from the Taiwanese high-tech sector
  21. Supplier assessment based on corporate social responsibility criteria in Indian automotive and textile industry sectors
  22. Logistics outsourcing in China: the manufacturer‐cum‐supplier perspective
  23. An exploratory study of outsourcing 3PL services: an Australian perspective
  24. Impact of lean strategy on operational performance: a study of Thai manufacturing companies
  25. An Investigation into Critical Determinants of e-Government Implementation in the Context of a Developing Nation
  26. Global suppliers' selection in foreign-aid funded procurement using the quality function deployment matrix
  27. Quality management in logistics services: A comparison of practices between manufacturing companies and logistics firms in Australia
  28. Quality management practices in logistics services in Thailand
  29. RFID and supply chain performance: adoption issues in the retail supply chain
  31. Quality management in logistics: an examination of industry practices
  32. Soft TQM, hard TQM, and organisational performance relationships: an empirical investigation
  33. The Future of TQM is Past. Can TQM be Resurrected?
  34. Leadership and HR focus in TQM research in Australia: an assessment and agenda
  35. The theory of constraints’ thinking process approach to developing strategies in supply chains
  36. A review of empirical research on Total Quality Management using scale developing methods: An Australian perspective
  37. A review and classification of total quality management research in Australia and an agenda for future research
  38. Critical success factors in agile supply chain management ‐ An empirical study
  39. Total quality management practices and business outcome: Evidence from small and medium enterprises in Western Australia
  40. A comparative study of TQM practice and organisational performance of SMEs with and without ISO 9000 certification
  41. Use of location-allocation models in health service development planning in developing nations
  42. Health Centre Status and Accessibility in Rural Bangladesh: A Location-Allocation Model-Based Analysis
  43. Theory of constraints
  44. A Conceptual Framework for Variation Reduction
  45. Product development stages and associated quality management approaches
  46. A Comparison of Two Heuristic Methods for the p‐Median Problem with and without Maximum Distance Constraints
  47. The Theory of Constraints