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  1. Speed control of a DFIG-based wind turbine using a new generation of ADRC
  2. Fault ride-through capability improvement in a DFIG-based wind turbine using modified ADRC
  3. Sensorless vector control of doubly fed induction generator based wind turbine using fuzzy fractional order adaptive disturbance rejection control
  4. A New Coupled-Inductor-Based Buck–Boost DC–DC Converter for PV Applications
  5. A Novel Nonisolated Buck–Boost Converter With Continuous Input Current and Semiquadratic Voltage Gain
  6. A novel common‐ground switched‐capacitor five‐level inverter with adaptive hysteresis current control for grid‐connected applications
  7. A Novel High Step-Up Isolated dc-dc Converter with Single Input and Double Output with Soft Switching Performance for Renewable Energy Applications
  8. Analysis of Load Frequency Control in a restructured multi-area power system
  9. Identification of dynamic parameters of a fourth-order Synchronous generator nonlinear model using Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm
  10. Quad quadrant bidirectional DC/DC converter for electric vehicles with high gain voltage
  11. Force calculation with complete modeling of end-effect in single-sided linear induction motors
  12. Improvement of wind farm power quality by means of ANN-contorlled hybrid filter
  13. Implementation of variable-speed asynchronous drive fed by current source inverter
  14. Simulation and implementation of a new topology in Multi-Output DC-DC resonant converters based on SwRC converters
  15. Metaheuristic algorithms for optimization of regulator parameters in the variable speed DC motor drives
  16. Special proposed hysteresis control method of current source inverter asynchronous drives