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  1. Betalains and their applications in food: The current state of processing, stability and future opportunities in the industry
  2. Cocoa Nanoparticles to Improve the Physicochemical and Functional Properties of Whey Protein-Based Films to Extend the Shelf Life of Muffins
  3. Cocoa bean turning as a method for redirecting the aroma compound profile in artisanal cocoa fermentation
  4. Thermal properties and volatile compounds profile of commercial dark-chocolates from different genotypes of cocoa beans (Theobroma cacao L.) from Latin America
  5. Proteins: natural polymers with potential application for food packaging
  6. Microencapsulation of cocoa liquor nanoemulsion with whey protein using spray drying to protection of volatile compounds and antioxidant capacity
  7. Advances in the Development of Protein-Based Films
  8. Microencapsulation of vanilla extract
  9. Development of nanoemulsion of carotenes in blackberry juice