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  1. The timing and widespread effects of the largest Holocene volcanic eruption in Antarctica
  2. The Role of Climate: 71 ka of Atmospheric Mercury Deposition in the Southern Hemisphere Recorded by Rano Aroi Mire, Easter Island (Chile)
  3. Assessment of the impacts of climate change on Mediterranean terrestrial ecosystems based on data from field experiments and long-term monitored field gradients in Catalonia
  4. Revisiting the role of high-energy Pacific events in the environmental and cultural history of Easter Island (Rapa Nui)
  5. CLAFS, a Holistic Climatic-Ecological-Anthropogenic Hypothesis on Easter Island's Deforestation and Cultural Change: Proposals and Testing Prospects
  6. Diatom species variation between lake habitats: implications for interpretation of paleolimnological records
  7. Impacts of Global Change on Mediterranean Forests and Their Services
  8. Influence of inter-annual environmental variability on chrysophyte cyst assemblages: insight from a 2-years sediment trap study in lakes from northern Poland
  9. A New Psammothidium Species (Bacillariophyta, Achnanthidiaceae) from Cimera Lake (Gredos Mountain Range), Central Spain
  10. The Arctic in the Twenty-First Century: Changing Biogeochemical Linkages across a Paraglacial Landscape of Greenland
  11. Climate changes and cultural shifts on Easter Island during the last three millennia
  12. Climate reconstruction for the last two millennia in central Iberia: The role of East Atlantic (EA), North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) and their interplay over the Iberian Peninsula
  13. La deglaciación de las áreas libres de hielo de las islas Shetland del Sur (Antártida). Ejemplos de Byers (Livingston) y Barton (King George)
  14. The Holocene deglaciation of the Byers Peninsula (Livingston Island, Antarctica) based on the dating of lake sedimentary records
  15. Three Millennia of Climatic, Ecological, and Cultural Change on Easter Island: An Integrative Overview
  16. Vegetation dynamics at Raraku Lake catchment (Easter Island) during the past 34,000 years
  17. Impacts of forestry planting on primary production in upland lakes from north-west Ireland
  18. The structure and diversity of freshwater diatom assemblages from Franz Josef Land Archipelago: a northern outpost for freshwater diatoms
  19. Late Holocene vegetation dynamics and deforestation in Rano Aroi: Implications for Easter Island's ecological and cultural history
  20. Expanding the tephrostratigraphical framework for the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica, by combining compositional and textural tephra characterisation
  21. Using paleolimnology to find restoration solutions: the case of Lake Muzzano, Switzerland
  22. Millennial-scale precipitation variability over Easter Island (South Pacific) during MIS 3: inter-hemispheric teleconnections with North Atlantic abrupt cold events
  23. Sensitivity of two Iberian lakes to North Atlantic atmospheric circulation modes
  24. The effects of the NAO on the ice phenology of Spanish alpine lakes
  25. Environmental processes in Rano Aroi (Easter Island) peat geochemistry forced by climate variability during the last 70kyr
  26. Factors controlling the geochemical composition of Limnopolar Lake sediments (Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island, South Shetland Island, Antarctica) during the last ca. 1600 years
  27. Air temperature-driven CO2 consumption by rock weathering at short timescales: Evidence from a Holocene lake sediment record
  28. Late Quaternary Chrysophycean stomatocysts in a Southern Carpathian mountain lake, including the description of new forms (Romania)
  29. Factors controlling the geochemical composition of Limnopolar lake sediments (Byers Peninsula, South Shetland Island, Livingston Island, Antarctica) during the last ∼ 1600 years
  30. A 70,000 year multiproxy record of climatic and environmental change from Rano Aroi peatland (Easter Island)
  31. Paleolimnological assessment of limnological change in 10 lakes from northwest Saskatchewan downwind of the Athabasca oils sands based on analysis of siliceous algae and trace metals in sediment cores
  32. Vegetation changes and human settlement of Easter Island during the last millennia: a multiproxy study of the Lake Raraku sediments
  33. Stability and endemicity of benthic diatom assemblages from different substrates in a maritime stream on Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island, Antarctica: the role of climate variability
  34. Chronostratigraphy of the sedimentary record of Limnopolar Lake, Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island, Antarctica
  35. Global change revealed by palaeolimnological records from remote lakes: a review
  36. Challenging Easter Island's collapse: the need for interdisciplinary synergies
  37. A multi-proxy perspective on millennium-long climate variability in the Southern Pyrenees
  38. Macrofossils in Raraku Lake (Easter Island) integrated with sedimentary and geochemical records: towards a palaeoecological synthesis for the last 34,000 years
  39. Deciphering chrysophyte responses to climate seasonality
  40. Assessing microbial diversity using recent lake sediments and estimations of spatio-temporal diversity
  41. Palaeolimnological assessment of lake acidification and environmental change in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region, Alberta
  42. Paleoecology of Easter Island: Evidence and uncertainties
  43. Ecological thresholds in European alpine lakes
  44. Climate and CO2 saturation in an alpine lake throughout the Holocene
  45. The recent palaeolimnology of a remote Scottish loch with special reference to the relative impacts of regional warming and atmospheric contamination
  46. Testing a new multigroup inference approach to reconstructing past environmental conditions
  47. Have atmospheric emissions from the Athabasca Oil Sands impacted lakes in northeastern Alberta, Canada?
  50. Spatial Variability in Water Quality and Surface Sediment Diatom Assemblages in a Complex Lake Basin: Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada
  51. Chrysophyte cysts from lake sediments reveal the submillennial winter/spring climate variability in the northwestern Mediterranean region throughout the Holocene
  52. Remote mountain lakes as indicators of diffuse acidic and organic pollution in the Iberian peninsula (AL:PE 2 studies)
  53. The Aquatic Flora of Lochnagar