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  1. Effects of gelatinization degree and boiling water kneading on the rheology characteristics of gluten-free oat dough
  2. Synergistic fermentation of Lactobacillus plantarum and Saccharomyces cerevisiae to improve the quality of wheat bran dietary fiber-steamed bread
  3. Effect of Heat–Moisture Treatment on the Physicochemical Properties, Structure, Morphology, and Starch Digestibility of Highland Barley (Hordeum vulgare L. var. nudum Hook. f) Flour
  4. Influence of cellular structure, and non‐starch components, on the functional properties of starch in plant‐derived foods: Editorial
  5. Particle size distribution control during wheat milling: nutritional quality and functional basis of flour products—a comprehensive review
  6. Effect of roasting treatment on the micromorphology, gelatinization, structure, and digestibility of whole oat flour
  7. Black rice flour‐induced changes in gluten conformation in fresh, pre‐fermented and frozen dough
  8. Effect of wheat bran dietary fiber on structural properties and hydrolysis behavior of gluten after synergistic fermentation of Lactobacillus plantarum and Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  9. Relation between hydration level and quality of steamed oat cakes: from the view of batter rheological properties
  10. Comprehensive Profiling of Circular RNAs in Goat Dermal Papilla Cells and Prediction of Their Modulatory Roles in Hair Growth
  11. Wheat bran enrichment for flour products: Challenges and solutions
  12. Impact of Fermented Wheat Bran Dietary Fiber Addition on Dough Rheological Properties and Noodle Quality
  13. Supplementation of wheat flour products with wheat bran dietary fiber: Purpose, mechanisms, and challenges
  14. Mechanochemical effects on the structural properties of wheat starch during vibration ball milling of wheat endosperm
  15. A review of wheat starch analyses: Methods, techniques, structure and function
  16. Effect of synergistic fermentation of Lactobacillus plantarum and Saccharomyces cerevisiae on thermal properties of wheat bran dietary fiber-wheat starch system
  17. A promising strategy for mechanically modified wheat flour by milling of wheat endosperm
  18. Understanding macromolecular interactions: key to developing new cereal‐based foods
  19. Recent advances in the technology of quick‐frozen baozi: a review
  20. Effect of black rice flour with different particle sizes on frozen dough and steamed bread quality
  21. Isolation, purification, and characterization of the globulin from wheat germ
  22. Improvement in quality of fast-frozen steamed bread by different gluten content and glutenin/gliadin ratio and its mechanism
  23. Nutritional composition and physicochemical properties of oat flour sieving fractions with different particle size
  24. Study of the ball milling condition effect on physicochemical and structural characteristics of wheat flour
  25. Effect of wheat bran dietary fiber on structural properties of wheat starch after synergistic fermentation of Lactobacillus plantarum and Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  26. Sourdough improves the quality of whole-wheat flour products: Mechanisms and challenges—A review
  27. Biochemical properties of type I sourdough affected by wheat bran dietary fibre during fermentation
  28. Effect of different milling mechanical forces on the structures and properties of wheat flour
  29. Effect of baked wheat germ on the rheology and fermentation properties of steamed bread dough
  30. Effects of thermal properties and behavior of wheat starch and gluten on their interaction: A review
  31. Influence of wheat bran dietary fiber on gluten protein structure during dough fermentation
  32. Effect of wheat bran dietary fibre on the rheological properties of dough during fermentation and Chinese steamed bread quality
  33. Wheat bran dietary fibre-induced changes in gluten aggregation and conformation
  34. Protein aggregation characteristics in wheat flour maturation treated by different methods
  35. Effects of particle size on the quality attributes of wheat flour
  36. Small and large strain rheology of gluten and gluten–starch doughs containing dietary fiber
  37. Impact of dietary fiber on gluten and gluten-starch microstructure formation in dough
  38. Gluten aggregation behavior in gluten and gluten-starch doughs after dietary fiber addition
  39. Effect of baked wheat germ on gluten protein network in steamed bread dough
  40. Application in Bakery Products
  41. Glutenin and gliadin proteins induced by dietary fiber
  42. Aggregation characteristics of protein during wheat flour maturation
  43. Relationship of Moisture Status and Quality Characteristics of Fresh Wet Noodles Prepared from Different Grade Wheat Flours from Flour Milling Streams
  44. Rheological properties of gluten and gluten-starch model doughs containing dietary fibre
  45. Effects of Fermented Wheat Bran on Flour, Dough, and Steamed Bread Characteristics
  46. Influence of Starch on the Structural Changes of Gluten Induced by Dietary Fiber
  47. Effect of modified dietary fibre from wheat bran on the quality of noodle
  48. Modification and Application of Dietary Fiber in Foods
  49. Application and Development Prospects of Dietary Fibers in Flour Products
  50. The influence of ultrasonic modification on arabinoxylans properties
  51. Effect of mechanically damaged starch on the quality of frozen dough and steamed bread
  52. Physicochemical properties of wheat grains affected by after-ripening
  53. Improvement of Chinese noodle quality by supplementation with arabinoxylans
  54. Effect of doping pretreated corn stover conditions on yield of bioethanol in immobilized cell systems
  55. Recycling Cellulase from Enzymatic Hydrolyzate of Laser-Pretreated Corn Stover by UF Membrane
  56. Effect of A- and B-type granules on the physical properties of starch from six wheat varieties
  57. Improvement of the quality of steamed bread by supplementation of wheat germ
  58. Extraction, characterization and spontaneous emulsifying properties of pectin from sugar beet pulp
  59. Kinetic modeling of Maillard reaction system subjected to pulsed electric field
  60. Fractal kinetic analysis of the enzymatic saccharification of CO2 laser pretreated corn stover
  61. Pulsed electric field-assisted modification of pectin from sugar beet pulp
  62. Physicochemical properties of sugar beet pulp pectin by pulsed electric field treatment
  63. Optimising separation process of protein and polysaccharide from spent brewer’s yeast by ultrafiltration
  64. Effect of Electric Field Treatments on Brandy Aging in Oak Barrels
  65. High-intensity ultrasound irradiated modification of sugarcane bagasse cellulose in an ionic liquid