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  1. A Country-Comparative Analysis of the Transposition of the EU Non-Financial Directive: An Institutional Approach
  2. The Role of Existing Regulation and Discretion in Harmonising Non-Financial Disclosure
  3. Multinational from developing countries investing in Europe
  4. Peformance Appraisal of Business Networks. How Small and Medium Enterprises Define and Monitor Network Objectives
  5. Tourist networks and small and medium-sized enterprises
  6. Sustainability Disclosure after a Crisis:
  7. Interpreting the Correlation Between the Capacity of Generating Added Value and the Use of Business Information Systems Through the Example of SMEs
  8. Performance of unlisted Italian companies acquired by multinationals from emerging markets
  9. Web reputation and performance measurement systems in the hotel industry: An exploratory study in Italy
  10. Rethinking the cross-border acquisition process in terms of territorial social responsibility
  11. Online Review Contents and Their Impact on Three and Four-Star Hotel Reservations: Some Evidence in Italy
  12. Are Performance-Dependent Rewards a Viable Tool to Assure Managers’ Commitment Toward Firms’ Goals about Risk Management?
  13. Italy: Demand for social responsibility in mergers and acquisitions
  14. The introduction of innovative performance measurement and management control systems: the role of financial investors and their acquired companies
  15. Relevance and Usage of Management Control Systems with Reference to Strategy Formulation and Control
  16. Formal inter-firm cooperation and international expansion: how Italian SMEs are using the network contract