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  1. Enhancing Resiliency Feature in Smart Grids through a Deep Learning Based Prediction Model
  2. DSS, BI, and Data Analytics Research: Current State and Emerging Trends (2015–2019)
  3. Decision Support System Architecture for Smart Grid’s Hardening Against Weather Hazard
  4. The Effects of Mobile Device Usage on Students' Perceived Level of Dialog, Self-Regulated Learning Strategies and E-Learning Outcomes
  5. Towards blockchain-based urban planning
  6. Smart Configuration and Auto Allocation of Resource in Cloud Data Centers
  7. interdependency of e-learning critical success factors
  8. Towards an Intelligent Integrated System for Urban Planning Using GIS and Cloud Computing
  9. Critical success factors of e-learning systems
  10. Guest Editors’ Introduction to the Special Issue
  11. Decision Support Systems Application Development Trends (2002 – 2012)
  12. Incorporating the Negotiation Process in Urban Planning DSS
  13. Implementing a Cloud-Based Decision Support System in a Private Cloud
  14. Knowledge Management as an Emerging Field of Business Intelligence Research: Foundational Concepts and Recent Developments
  15. A cloud-based multi-criteria decision support system for selecting urban housing projects
  16. Empirical research on effects of interaction on elearning satisfaction and outcome: a review and future research direction
  17. A multi-criteria process to resolve conflict in the composition of aspectual requirements
  18. Effects of LMS, self‐efficacy, and self‐regulated learning on LMS effectiveness in business education
  19. The role of information technology in e-learning systems success
  20. Relationships among e-learning systems and e-learning outcomes: A path analysis model
  21. Relationships between E-Learning Systems and Learning Outcomes: A Path Analysis Model
  22. All author cocitation analysis and first author cocitation analysis: A comparative empirical investigation
  23. A survey of decision support system applications (1995–2001)
  24. Decision Support Systems Discipline: Achievements and Needs
  25. Designing effective cyber store user interface
  26. Virtual teaming: a strategy for moving your organization into the new millennium
  27. The contributions of systems science to the development of the decision support system subspecialties: an empirical investigation
  28. The contributions of multi-criteria decision making to the development of decision support systems subspecialties: an empirical investigation
  29. Decision support systems research: current state and trends
  30. The intellectual development and structure of decision support systems (1991–1995)1
  31. A survey of decision support system applications (1988–1994)
  32. Relationships between the decision support system subspecialities and reference disciplines: An empirical investigation
  33. The contributions of organizational science to the development of decision support systems research subspecialties
  34. A Survey of Operational Expert Systems in Business (1980–1993)
  35. Mapping the intellectual structure of research in decision support systems through author cocitation analysis (1971–1993)
  36. Decision support systems research: Reference disciplines and a cumulative tradition
  37. An Integrated Decision Support System for Global Logistics
  38. Ranking institutional contributions to decision support systems research
  39. Expert systems applications development research in business: A selected bibliography (1975–1989)
  40. The intellectual structure of decision support systems (1971–1989)
  41. Leading U.S. universities and most influential contributors in decision support systems research (1971–1989) a citation analysis
  42. The Changing Role of Multiple Criteria in Decision Support Systems