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  1. Do Wine Flaws Really Matter to Wine Consumers’ Intention to Purchase Wine—An Online Study
  2. Expanding the experiential value scale to predict independent restaurant dining intent
  3. Do local craft beverages taste better? An investigation into the halo effect
  4. The Rise of Craft Distilleries and Their Consumer Segments
  5. Beer Style Advocacy: Strengthening the Relationship Between Consumers’ Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention
  6. Restaurant employee's food safety intervention behaviors
  7. How the restaurant industry adapted during COVID-19 restrictions
  8. The Socially Distant Servicescape
  9. Campus dining goes mobile: Intentions of college students to adopt a mobile food-ordering app
  10. Isn't It Iconic?
  11. Will Travel for Beer
  12. Building Consumer Brand Loyalty: An Assessment Of The Microbrewery Taproom Experience
  13. First-time and repeat tourists’ perceptions of authentic Aruban restaurants: An importance-performance competitor analysis
  14. Assessing Consumer Perceptions of Neolocalism: Making a Case for Microbreweries as Place-Based Brands
  15. Share and share alike?
  16. Increasing experiential value and relationship quality: An investigation of pop-up dining experiences
  17. Segmenting craft beer drinkers: An analysis of motivations, willingness to pay, and repeat patronage intentions
  18. Generational Perception and Satisfaction Differences Related to Restaurant Service Environment