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  1. The self-reported needs of patients following subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH)
  2. The feasibility and acceptability of smart home technology using the Howz system for people with stroke
  3. The Manchester Respiratory-related Sleep Symptoms scale for patients with COPD: development and validation
  4. A multicentre study of how goal-setting is practised during inpatient stroke rehabilitation
  5. The psychometric properties of the Evaluation of Daily Activity Questionnaire in seven musculoskeletal conditions
  6. Health care professionals’ views of the factors influencing the decision to refer patients to a stroke rehabilitation trial
  7. Orthoses for people with stroke (AFOOT)
  8. The effect of a structured programme to increase patient activity during inpatient stroke rehabilitation: a Phase I cohort study
  9. Recruiting to inpatient-based rehabilitation trials: lessons learned
  10. Systematic literature review of patient-reported outcome measures used in assessment and measurement of sleep disorders in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  11. The effect of a structured model for stroke rehabilitation multi-disciplinary team meetings on functional recovery and productivity: a Phase I/II proof of concept study
  12. Screening for mood disorders after stroke: a systematic review of psychometric properties and clinical utility
  13. Orthotic devices after stroke and other non-progressive brain lesions
  14. Balance Disability After Stroke
  15. Immediate Effect of Handling Technique on Range of Movement at the Hemiplegic Shoulder
  16. A Systematic Review of Methods to Measure Posture
  17. The use of musculoskeletal techniques in adult cerebral palsy
  18. Loading of Walking Aids During Hemiplegic Gait
  19. Stroke Rehabilitation: What is the point?