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  1. The fuzzy concept of collaborative governance: A systematic review of the state of the art
  2. Regulating Collaboration: The Legal Framework of Collaborative Governance in Ten European Countries
  3. How not to conduct a consultation - and why asking the public is not always such a great idea
  4. An organizational ecology approach to EGTC creation in East Central Europe
  5. The Reciprocity Dimension of Solidarity: Insights from Three European Countries
  6. On Civil Society and the Social Economy in Hungary
  7. Health policy in cross-border cooperation practices: the role of Euroregions and their local government members
  8. The Bordered World of Cross-border Cooperation: The Determinants of Local Government Contact Networks within Euroregions
  9. The Building Blocks of a Euroregion: novel Metrics to Measure Cross-border Integration
  10. Forget the policy gap: why local governments really decide to take part in cross-border cooperation initiatives in Europe
  11. Diversity and Development: Policy Entrepreneurship of Euroregional Initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe