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  1. Parasite sequestration and immune response cause brain disease
  2. How Big Data is helping parasite research
  3. Transcriptomes of T. congolense parasites from tsetse flies
  4. m6A methylation in the polyA tail allows VSG stability
  5. Evolution of variant antigens in African trypanosomes
  6. Trypanosoma vivax variant antigen diversity is not driven by recombination
  7. VAPPER: novel tool for variant antigen profiling
  8. Tissue tropism in parasitic diseases
  9. Transcriptome, proteome and draft genome of Euglena gracilis
  10. A Conserved Telomeric Region Associated with Variant Antigens in Trypanosoma congolense
  11. How to profile the variant antigens of the tropical veterinary parasite, Trypanosoma congolense
  12. The UDP-glycosyltransferase gene family has expanded differently in Leishmaniinae and Trypanosoma
  13. IgG1 as a Potential Biomarker of Post-chemotherapeutic Relapse in Visceral Leishmaniasis, and Adaptation to a Rapid Diagnostic Test