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  1. Enhancing Misuse Cases With Risk Assessment for Safety Requirements
  2. Distributed Centrality Analysis of Social Network Data Using MapReduce
  3. An Intelligent Advisory System to Support Managerial Decisions for A Social Safety Net
  4. Attitude of mobile telecommunication subscribers towards sim card registration in Lagos State, Southwestern Nigeria
  5. FOSSES: Framework for open-source software evaluation and selection
  6. Determining suitability of speech-enabled examination result management system
  7. Quantitative Quality Evaluation of Software Products by Considering Summary and Comments Entropy of a Reported Bug
  8. A Secured Private-Cloud Computing System
  9. A Survey on the Skills, Activities and Role of the Software Architect in Brazil
  10. A Systematic Mapping Study on Software Architectures Description Based on ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010:2011
  11. A Web Framework for Online Peer Tutoring Application in a Smart Campus
  12. AbsoluteSecure: A Tri-Layered Data Security System
  13. ArchCaMO - A Maturity Model for Software Architecture Description Based on ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010:2011
  14. Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Electrical Load Forecasting in Smart and Connected Communities
  15. Comparative Analysis of Three Obstacle Detection and Avoidance Algorithms for a Compact Differential Drive Robot I N V-Rep
  16. Comparative Evaluation of Techniques for Detection of Phishing URLs
  17. Data Analytics: Global Contributions of World Continents to Computer Science Research
  18. Dynamic Interface and Access Model by Dead Token for IoT Systems
  19. Forensic Analysis of Mobile Banking Apps
  20. Integrating the Scrum Framework and Lean Six Sigma
  21. Software Code Smell Prediction Model Using Shannon, Rényi and Tsallis Entropies
  22. Impact of ICT on Universities Administrative Services and Management of Students' Records
  23. Relationship between Convenience, Perceived Value, and Repurchase Intention in Online Shopping in Vietnam
  24. A Neural Network Based Expert System for the Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus
  25. Developing a Calorie Counter Fitness App for Smartphones
  26. Implementation of MANETs Routing Protocols in WLANs Environment: Issues and Prospects
  27. A Suite of Object Oriented Cognitive Complexity Metrics
  28. A Decision Support System for Pediatric Diagnosis
  29. A Fuzzy Classifier-Based Penetration Testing for Web Applications
  30. Cloud Based Simple Employee Management Information System: A Model for African Small and Medium Enterprises
  31. Comparative Evaluation of Mobile Forensic Tools
  32. Development of Prepaid Electricity Payment System for a University Community Using the LUHN Algorithm
  33. Evaluation of a Cloud Based Health Information System
  34. Outdoor Path Loss Predictions Based on Extreme Learning Machine
  35. Large Scale Community Detection Using a Small World Model
  36. Optimizing Green Computing Awareness for Environmental Sustainability and Economic Security as a Stochastic Optimization Problem
  37. Analysis of Existing Software Cognitive Complexity Measures
  38. Test your sexually transmitted disease
  39. An empirical analysis of the effectiveness of software metrics and fault prediction model for identifying faulty classes
  40. [Front matter]
  41. Bug Severity Assessment in Cross Project Context and Identifying Training Candidates
  42. Assessing the Coverage of E-Health Services in Sub-Saharan Africa
  43. Experimental Simulation-Based Performance Evaluation of an SMS-Based Emergency Geolocation Notification System
  44. A Requirements Engineering Techniques Review in Agile Software Development Methods
  45. A Systematic Literature Review: Code Bad Smells in Java Source Code
  46. Representing Contexual Relations with Sanskrit Word Embeddings
  47. Database Inconsistency Measures and Their Applications
  48. Migration from COBOL to SOA: Measuring the Impact on Web Services Interfaces Complexity
  49. Quality Model for Evaluating Platform as a Service in Cloud Computing
  50. A systematic literature review of open source software quality assessment models
  51. An empirical evaluation of software quality assurance practices and challenges in a developing country: a comparison of Nigeria and Turkey
  52. Keeping Web Service interface complexity low using an OO metric-based early approach
  55. Repair Checking by Integrity Checking
  56. Analysis of nutritional deficiency in citrus species tree leaf using image processing
  57. Effectuation of Secure Authorized Deduplication in Hybrid Cloud
  58. Resolving the Recruitment and Selection Problem as NP-Hard Problem
  59. Cloud Computing Security with Collaborating Encryption
  60. Towards a social and context-aware mobile recommendation system for tourism
  61. Syllable-Based Text Compression: A Language Case Study
  62. A cooperative approach for malicious node detection in impromptu wireless networks
  63. CSF for BIS in Vietnam
  64. A Baseline Domain Specific Language Proposal for Model-Driven Web Engineering Code Generation
  65. A Software Project Management Problem Solved by Firefly Algorithm
  66. A Weed Colonization Inspired Algorithm for the Weighted Set Cover Problem
  67. An Approach to Solve the Set Covering Problem with the Soccer League Competition Algorithm
  68. Cat Swarm Optimization with Different Transfer Functions for Solving Set Covering Problems
  69. Finding Solutions of the Set Covering Problem with an Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm Optimization
  70. Measure-Based Repair Checking by Integrity Checking
  71. Network System Design for Combating Cybercrime in Nigeria
  72. Particle Swarm Based Evolution and Generation of Test Data Using Mutation Testing
  73. Computational Science and Its Applications -- ICCSA 2016
  74. Researching Human and Organizational Factors Impact for Decisions on Software Quality
  75. Set Covering Problem Resolution by Biogeography-Based Optimization Algorithm
  76. Solving Biobjective Set Covering Problem Using Binary Cat Swarm Optimization Algorithm
  77. Solving Manufacturing Cell Design Problems by Using a Dolphin Echolocation Algorithm
  78. Solving Set Covering Problem with Fireworks Explosion
  79. Solving the Set Covering Problem with a Binary Black Hole Inspired Algorithm
  80. Software Project Scheduling using the Hyper-Cube Ant Colony Optimization algorithm
  81. An Empirical Evaluation of Software Quality Assurance Practices and Challenges in a Developing Country
  82. Evaluating Open Source Software Quality Models Against ISO 25010
  83. Message from TTSDP 2015 Workshop Chair
  84. Erratum
  85. Using Big Data Technology to Contain Current and Future Occurrence of Ebola Viral Disease and Other Epidemic Diseases in West Africa
  86. Towards e-Healthcare Deployment in Nigeria: The Open Issues
  87. Towards a Cloud-Based Data Storage Medium for E-learning Systems in Developing Countries
  88. Tool Support for Cascading Style Sheets’ Complexity Metrics
  89. Empirical Studies of Cloud Computing in Education: A Systematic Literature Review
  90. Data Consistency: Toward a Terminological Clarification
  91. Computational Science and Its Applications -- ICCSA 2015
  92. Computational Science and Its Applications -- ICCSA 2015
  93. Computational Science and Its Applications -- ICCSA 2015
  94. Computational Science and Its Applications -- ICCSA 2015
  95. Comparing Cuckoo Search, Bee Colony, Firefly Optimization, and Electromagnetism-Like Algorithms for Solving the Set Covering Problem
  96. Autonomous Tuning for Constraint Programming via Artificial Bee Colony Optimization
  97. Applicability of Cyclomatic Complexity on WSDL
  98. A Scheduling Problem for Software Project Solved with ABC Metaheuristic
  99. A Review of Student Attendance System Using Near-Field Communication (NFC) Technology
  100. A Cloud-Based Retail Management System
  101. Internet of Things (IoTs) and its application to road navigation and usage problem
  102. Evaluation of hadoop/mapreduce framework migration tools
  103. A comparative study of e-Government successful implementation between Nigeria and Republic of Korea
  104. Costless Software Inspection Process
  105. Software Development Outsourcing: Challenges and Opportunities in Nigeria
  106. Solving sudokus via metaheuristics and AC3
  107. Performance analysis of non-preemptive priority with application to cloud E-marketplaces
  108. A low-cost solar cell charger prototype for smartphone's battery charging
  109. Front matter
  110. Overcoming barriers of effective health care delivery and electronic health records in Nigeria using socialized medicine
  111. A comparative study on the ant colony optimization algorithms
  112. Co-FAIS: Cooperative fuzzy artificial immune system for detecting intrusion in wireless sensor networks
  113. Pervasive computing in classroom environments and applications
  114. Novel user interface for text entry on touch screen mobile device for visually impaired users
  115. Message from the TTSDP 2014 Workshop Chair
  116. Exploratory study of techniques for exploiting instruction-level parallelism
  117. An anti-cultism social education media system
  118. Learning management systems and cloud file hosting services: A study on students’ acceptance
  119. Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2014
  120. A Two-Way Loop Algorithm for Exploiting Instruction-Level Parallelism in Memory System
  121. The Use of Metaheuristics to Software Project Scheduling Problem
  122. Framework for Maintainability Measurement of Web Application for Efficient Knowledge-Sharing on Campus Intranet
  123. Wiki for IC & PM: Vietnam case
  124. Cloud based e-learning: consumer innovation
  125. A Solution Proposal for Complex Web Application Modeling with the I-Star Framework
  126. Quantitative Quality Model for Evaluating Open Source Web Applications: Case Study of Repository Software
  127. An Empirical Validation of the Complexity of Code Changes and Bugs in Predicting the Release Time of Open Source Software
  128. An Analysis of Scripting Languages for Research in Applied Computing
  129. Reconfiguration approaches in Wireless Sensor Network: Issues and challenges
  130. Towards an iterative maintainability Web service model for effective mobile healthcare delivery
  131. Methodological framework for the allocation of work packages in global software development
  132. Practical Scrum-Scrum Team: Way to Produce Successful and Quality Software
  133. TTDSP 2013 Workshop Chairs, Committee Members, and Reviewers
  134. Message from the Program Chairs
  135. Towards Developing Grid-based Portals for e-Commerce on-Demand Services on a Utility Computing Platform
  136. NIGEDU CLOUD: Model of a National e-Education Cloud for Developing Countries
  137. Informatics Related Branch's Curriculum and Role of Project Management
  138. Featuring CIO
  139. Agile for software engineering: Vietnam case
  140. Application of an Extended SysML Requirements Diagram to Model Real-Time Control Systems
  141. Agile Software Development: It Is about Knowledge Management and Creativity
  142. A Review of Models for Evaluating Quality in Open Source Software
  143. Improving Requirements Specification in WebREd-Tool by Using a NFR’s Classification
  144. An Evaluation on Developer’s Perception of XML Schema Complexity Metrics for Web Services
  145. Providing knowledge recommendations: an approach for informal electronic mentoring
  146. Analyzing Human Resource Management Practices Within the GSD Context
  147. Software Quality in Academic Curriculum: A Case Study in Turkey
  148. Message from the TTSDP 2012 Chair
  149. Career Abandonment Intentions among Software Workers
  150. Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of Mn2+-Doped Cadmium Formate Dihydrate Single Crystals
  151. Neural network and classification approach in identifying customer behavior in the banking sector: A case study of an international bank
  152. Framework for evaluation and validation of software complexity measures
  153. Analysis of cultural and gender influences on teamwork performance for software requirements analysis in multinational environments
  154. Predicting Web Service Maintainability via Object-Oriented Metrics: A Statistics-Based Approach
  155. Plagiarism Detection in Software Using Efficient String Matching
  156. Complexity Metrics for Cascading Style Sheets
  157. A Suite of Cognitive Complexity Metrics
  158. A Cognitive Model for Meetings in the Software Development Process
  159. Message from TTSDP 2011 Workshop Chair
  160. An inheritance complexity metric for object-oriented code: A cognitive approach
  161. The role of leadership cognitive complexity in software development projects: An empirical assessment for simple thinking
  162. ESR and optical study of Cu2+-doped bis-(5,5′-diethylbarbiturato)bis picoline Zn(II)
  163. Metrics suite for maintainability of eXtensible Markup Language web services
  164. Influence of Human Factors in Software Quality and Productivity
  165. Efficient Algorithm for Detecting Parameterized Multiple Clones in a Large Software System
  166. A Multi-paradigm Complexity Metric (MCM)
  167. A Discussion on IS and Software Measurement Terminology: Flexibility as an Example
  168. A cognitive requirement specification model
  169. Error density metrics for business process model
  170. Measurement of Cognitive Functional Sizes of Software
  171. Data Complexity Metrics for XML Web Services
  172. Weyuker’s Properties, Language Independency and Object Oriented Metrics
  173. Effective Project Leadership in Computer Science and Engineering
  174. A Cognitive Evaluation for Meetings in Software Development Process
  175. Comparative study of cognitive complexity measures
  176. Applicability of Weyuker's properties on OO metrics: Some misunderstandings
  177. An Object Oriented Complexity Metric Based on Cognitive Weights
  178. Cognitive Program Complexity Measure
  179. Modified Set of Weyuker's Properties
  180. A proposed additional property to the Weyuker's existing properties
  181. ESR of copper-doped sodium citrate
  182. ESR of Copper Doped Ammonium Tartrate
  183. ESR of Cu2+ doped cadmium (II) formate dihydrate
  184. Evaluating cognitive complexity measure with Weyuker properties
  185. ESR of Copper Doped Calcium Propionate
  186. Cognitive Complexity Measures
  187. Object-Oriented Cognitive Complexity Measures
  188. A Proposed Pragmatic Software Development Process Model
  189. A Brief Overview of Software Process Models
  190. Measuring Complexity of Object Oriented Programs
  191. A Unique Complexity Metric
  192. A New Complexity Metric Based on Cognitive Informatics
  193. A Brief Overview of Software Process Models
  194. A Proposed Pragmatic Software Development Process Model
  195. Object-Oriented Cognitive Complexity Measures