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  1. Sustainability reporting and impact assessment at higher education institute in India
  2. Organizational Sustainability: Extended Producer Responsibility Implementation in India
  3. The impact of digitalisation on the agricultural wholesale prices to aid agrarian income
  4. A Multivariate Analysis of Agricultural Electronic Trading Adoption
  5. Agri-tech: experiential learning from the Agri-tech growth leaders
  6. Ranking the factors influencing e-trading usage in agricultural marketing
  7. Modelling the enablers of e-trading adoption in agricultural marketing using TISM
  8. Framework for agricultural e-trading platform adoption using neural networks
  9. Examining the Adoption of the eNAM Platform for Transforming Agricultural Marketing in India
  10. Adoption of B2B E-Commerce in India: A Theoretical Framework
  11. Effect of E-Commerce on Organization Sustainability
  12. Large Scale Government Programs and Effect on Student Entrepreneurship
  13. Leading Innovation from the Board
  14. Determinants and impacts of governance forms on outsourcing performance: Evidence from a case study