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  1. A Novel Rhabdovirus Isolated from the Straw-Colored Fruit Bat Eidolon helvum, with Signs of Antibodies in Swine and Humans
  2. Genetic Characterization of Goutanap Virus, a Novel Virus Related to Negeviruses, Cileviruses and Higreviruses
  3. A Unique Nodavirus with Novel Features: Mosinovirus Expresses Two Subgenomic RNAs, a Capsid Gene of Unknown Origin, and a Suppressor of the Antiviral RNA Interference Pathway
  4. Distribution and genetic structure of Aedes japonicus japonicus populations (Diptera: Culicidae) in Germany
  5. Discovery of a Unique Novel Clade of Mosquito-Associated Bunyaviruses
  6. Clinical features and virological analysis of a case of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection
  7. Virus discovery and recent insights into virus diversity in arthropods
  8. Provenance and Geographic Spread of St. Louis Encephalitis Virus
  9. Identification and Characterization of Genetically Divergent Members of the Newly Established Family Mesoniviridae
  10. Mesoniviridae: a proposed new family in the order Nidovirales formed by a single species of mosquito-borne viruses
  11. An Insect Nidovirus Emerging from a Primary Tropical Rainforest
  12. Diversity of STLV-1 strains in wild chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus) from Côte d’Ivoire
  13. Retroviruses in Wild-Born Semi-Captive East African Sanctuary Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii)~!2010-01-28~!2010-03-24~!2010-04-20~!
  14. Moussa virus: A new member of the Rhabdoviridae family isolated from Culex decens mosquitoes in Côte d’Ivoire
  15. Pandemic Human Viruses Cause Decline of Endangered Great Apes
  16. Pathogens as drivers of population declines: The importance of systematic monitoring in great apes and other threatened mammals
  17. Correction: A New Bacillus anthracis Found in Wild Chimpanzees and a Gorilla from West and Central Africa
  18. A New Bacillus anthracis Found in Wild Chimpanzees and a Gorilla from West and Central Africa
  19. Anthrax kills wild chimpanzees in a tropical rainforest
  20. Characterization of a New Simian T-Lymphotropic Virus Type 1 (STLV-1) in a Wild Living Chimpanzee ( Pan troglodytes verus ) from Ivory Coast: Evidence of a New STLV-1 Group?