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  1. Variation in the analytical figure of merit for in‐situ Hf isotopic measurements by LA‐MC‐ICPMS in zircon standards at variable spatial resolutions
  2. Neoproterozoic and Cambro-Ordovician magmatism: episodic growth and reworking of continental crust, Himachal Himalaya, India
  3. Protracted zircon growth in migmatites and In situ melt of Higher Himalayan Crystallines: U–Pb ages from Bhagirathi valley, NW Himalaya, India
  4. Petrogenesis and Geochemical Evolution of Dhauladhar and Dalhousie Granites, NW Himalayas
  5. Shear‐Wave Attenuation Study in the South Region of the Gulf of California, Mexico
  6. Migmatization, Granite Generation and Melt Accumulation in the Himalayan Orogenic Channel, Central and Eastern Bhutan
  7. Alakhnanda–Bhagirathi River System
  8. Early–Middle Eocene Exhumation of the Trans-Himalayan Ladakh Batholith, and the India–Asia Convergence
  9. Upper crustal stress and seismotectonics of the Garhwal Himalaya using small-to-moderate earthquakes: Implications to the local structures and free fluids
  10. Estimation of the source parameters of the Nepal earthquake from strong motion data
  11. Kinematic vorticity analysis along the Karakoram Shear Zone, Pangong Mountains, Karakoram: Implications for the India–Asia tectonics
  12. Seasonal Variations and Flux of Arsenic in Gomati River, Ganga Alluvial Plain, Northern India
  13. Investigation on the hydrodynamics of Ganga Alluvial Plain using environmental isotopes: a case study of the Gomati River Basin, northern India
  14. Near-field and far-field simulation of accelerograms of Sikkim earthquake of September 18, 2011 using modified semi-empirical approach
  15. Crustal accretion and metamorphism of Mesoarchean granulites in Palghat-Cauvery Shear Zone, Southern India
  16. Microstructures of mylonites along the Karakoram Shear Zone, Tangste Valley, Pangong Mountains, Karakoram
  17. Sr isotopic signature of the Ganga Alluvial Plain and its implication to Sr flux of the Ganga River System
  18. Arsenic mobility in fluvial environment of the Ganga Plain, northern India
  19. Detrital-zircon fission-track ages from the Lower Cenozoic sediments, NW Himalayan foreland basin: Clues for exhumation and denudation of the Himalaya during the India-Asia collision
  20. SHRIMP U-Pb c. 1860 Ma anorogenic magmatic signatures from the NW Himalaya: implications for Palaeoproterozoic assembly of the Columbia Supercontinent
  21. Tectonics of the southern Asian Plate margin along the Karakoram Shear Zone: Constraints from field observations and U–Pb SHRIMP ages
  22. SHRIMP U–Pb ages and depth of emplacement of Ladakh Batholith, Eastern Ladakh, India
  23. Continuous Metamorphic Zircon Growth and Interpretation of U-Pb SHRIMP Dating: An Example from the Western Himalaya
  24. Liquefaction and fluidization of lacustrine deposits from Lahaul-Spiti and Ladakh Himalaya: Geological evidences of paleoseismicity along active fault zone
  25. Special issue: The 19th Himalaya–Karakoram–Tibet Workshop (HKT19) held at Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan, 10–13 July 2004
  26. Reply to comment by P.J. O'Brien on: “The onset of India–Asia continental collision: Early, steep subduction required by the timing of UHP metamorphism in the western Himalaya” by Mary L. Leech, S. Singh, A.K. Jain, Simon L. Klemperer and R.M. Manickav...
  27. The onset of India–Asia continental collision: Early, steep subduction required by the timing of UHP metamorphism in the western Himalaya
  28. SHRIMP U–Pb in zircon geochronology of the Chor granitoid: evidence for Neoproterozoic magmatism in the Lesser Himalayan granite belt of NW India
  29. Timing, quantification and tectonic modelling of Pliocene–Quaternary movements in the NW Himalaya: evidence from fission track dating
  30. Metamorphic evolution of the northwest Himalaya, India: Pressuretemperature data, inverted metamorphism, and exhumation in the Kashmir, Himachal, and Garhwal Himalayas
  31. Late Caledonian extension in the scandinavian Caledonides—the Røragen Detachment revisited
  32. Extensional tectonics in the Himalayan orogen, Zanskar, NW India