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  1. Rotating Slip Flow in a Shrinking Permeable Channel Considering Hall Current Effects
  2. Entropy Analysis of MHD Variable Thermal Conductivity Fluid Flow Past a Convectively Heated Stretching Cylinder
  3. Temperature Response in Living Skin Tissue Subject to Convective Heat Flux
  4. Natural Convection near a Moving Vertical Plate with Ramped Heat and Mass Fluxes in the Presence of Thermal Radiation
  5. Magnetohydrodynamic Free Convective Flow of Nanofluids Past an Oscillating Porous Flat Plate in A Rotating System with Thermal Radiation and Hall Effects
  6. Hall Effects on Unsteady Couette Flow in a Rotating System
  7. Effects of Hall Current and Ion-Slip on MHD Flow Induced by Torsional Oscillations of a Disc in a Rotating Fluid