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  1. Nonlinear optical properties of integrated GeSbS chalcogenide waveguides
  2. Adjusting third-order nonlinear properties in silicon triply resonant nanobeam cavities
  3. Mode selection and dispersion engineering in Bragg-like slot photonic crystal waveguides for hybrid light–matter interactions
  4. Nonlinear Properties of Ge-rich Si1−xGex Materials with Different Ge Concentrations
  5. Single walled carbon nanotubes emission coupled with a silicon slot-ring resonator
  6. Silicon nanobeam cavity for ultra-localized light-matter interaction
  7. Bi-directional top-hat D-Scan: single beam accurate characterization of nonlinear waveguides
  8. Integration of carbon nanotubes on silicon photonics resonators
  9. Linear and third order nonlinear optical properties of GeSbS chalcogenide integrated waveguides
  10. Third order nonlinear optical properties of Ge-Rich SiGe waveguides
  11. La science pour les tout-petits : « La nature à la loupe »
  12. GVD control of low loss slot photonic crystal waveguides for hybrid silicon photonics
  13. Integration of semiconductor carbon nanotubes for photonic applications in silicon photonics
  14. Spatially modulated intensity occupation in nanobeam cavities for robust light matter interaction with nanomaterials
  15. Narrow-linewidth carbon nanotube emission in silicon hollow-core photonic crystal cavity
  16. Novel single beam technique to characterise third order nonlinear integrated waveguides
  17. Subwavelength Si photonics for near- and mid-infrared applications (Conference Presentation)
  18. Hybrid integration of carbon nanotubes in silicon photonic structures
  19. Third Order Nonlinear Properties of GeSbS Chalcogenide Waveguides
  20. Efficient excitation of silicon photonic cavity modes from carbon nanotube photoluminescence
  21. Extrinsic losses in silicon slot photonic crystal waveguides: influence of the fabrication process
  22. Power dependence on the nonlinear interaction enhancement in a coherently-excited microcavity
  23. Hybrid silicon slotted photonic crystal waveguides: how does third order nonlinear performance scale with slow light?
  24. Integration of Carbon Nanotubes in Silicon Strip and Slot Waveguide Micro-Ring Resonators
  25. Slotted silicon photonic structures for hybrid on-chip integration
  26. Experimental GVD engineering in slow light slot photonic crystal waveguides
  27. Coupling of semiconductor carbon nanotubes emission with silicon photonic micro ring resonators
  28. Engineered SOI slot waveguide ring resonator V-shape resonance combs for refraction index sensing up to 1300nm/RIU (Conference Presentation)
  29. Integration of carbon nanotubes in slot waveguides (Conference Presentation)
  30. Hybrid integration of carbon nanotubes into silicon slot photonic structures
  31. Highly sensitive refractive index sensing by fast detuning the critical coupling condition of slot waveguide ring resonators
  32. Experimental investigation of top cladding on properties of silicon slotted photonic crystal waveguides
  33. Bi-directional top hat D-Scan for characterization of third order nonlinear waveguides
  34. Enhanced carbon nanotubes light emission integrated with photonic SOI ring resonators
  35. Tailoring the GVD of hollow core slotted silicon photonic crystal waveguides for hybrid integration of soft materials
  36. Analysis of silicon-on-insulator slot waveguide ring resonators targeting high Q-factors
  37. Enhanced nonlinear interaction in a microcavity under coherent excitation
  38. SOI Slotted Photonic Crystal Cavities Spanning From 1.3 to $1.6~\mu \text{m}$ With $Q/V$ Factors Above 800...
  39. Optimization approaches to achieve high-Q silicon slot waveguide ring resonators
  40. SOI slot photonic crystal heterostructure cavities in the 1.3 µm – 1.6 µm range for hybrid photonic integration
  41. Silicon slot waveguide ring resonators: Can we target high Q factors?
  42. Nonlinear self-phase modulation optimization of hollow core silicon waveguides: Targeting FOMTPA directly
  43. Integration of carbon nanotubes in silicon resonators
  44. Nonlinear FOMTPA engineering in silicon hollow core waveguides
  45. Slot waveguide couplers optimization: A route to achieve high Q-factor slot waveguide ring resonators
  46. SOI slot photonic crystal cavities on SiO2 from λ = 1.3 µm to 1.6 µm
  47. Investigation of loss mechanism of SOI slot waveguide ring resonators
  48. Nonlinear optimization of slot Si waveguides: TPA minimization with FOM_TPA up to 425
  49. TPA minimization of hybrid slot silicon waveguides
  50. Hollow core slot silicon photonics for enhanced light-matter interaction
  51. Nonlinear Cavity Response under Coherent Excitation: Numerical and Experimental Investigation
  52. Liquid sensor based on high-Q slot photonic crystal cavity in silicon-on-insulator configuration
  53. Large group-index bandwidth product empty core slow light photonic crystal waveguides for hybrid silicon photonics
  54. Coherent excitation of a nonlinear silicon microcavity
  55. Potential for large optical gain improvement of erbium-doped slot waveguide amplifiers in silicon photonics
  56. Non-freestanding silicon slotted photonic crystal cavities with Q of 30,000 and mode volume of 0.03(λ/n)3
  57. Investigation of the slot mode enhancement of erbium-doped polymer silicon on insulator waveguide amplifiers
  58. Investigation of the separate optical nonlinear contributions of the core and cladding materials of silicon photonics slotted waveguides
  59. Ultra-low Volume Tunable Slot Photonic Crystal Cavities for Sensing
  60. Nonlinear optical pulse propagation in silicon strip and slot waveguides
  61. Excited State Absorption effects in hybrid SOI slot waveguides filled with Erbium doped polymer materials
  62. Design, fabrication and optimization of silicon slot photonic ring resonators
  63. Convolution Algorithm for Numerical Reconstruction of Digitally Recorded Holograms with Extended Field of View
  64. Discovering the puzzling behaviour of electrons with the Grimaldi–Young experiment