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  1. Functional Composite Materials: Manufacturing Technology and Experimental Application
  2. A Review on Manufacturing of Aluminium Alloy Based Metal Matrix Composites through Stir Casting Route
  3. Numerical analysis of impact behaviour of LM26/ZrB2 composite using finite element method
  4. Development of multipurpose bed cum wheel chair for paralytic attacked and elderly persons
  5. The effect of arc current on microstructural and mechanical properties of nickel hardfaced deposits created using PTA processes
  6. Optimization of dry sliding wear parameters of AA336 aluminum alloy‐boron carbide and fly ash reinforced hybrid composites by stir casting process
  7. Prediction of hardness of stir cast LM13 aluminum alloy ‐ copper coated short steel fiber reinforced composites using response surface methodology
  8. Investigation on composite materials