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  1. Evolution paths from gray to turquoise hydrogen via catalytic steam methane reforming: Current challenges and future developments
  2. Oxidative torrefaction of microalgae Chlorella sorokiniana: Process optimization by central composite design
  3. Efficiency improvement of the solar chimneys by insertion of hanging metallic tubes in the collector: Experiment and computational fluid dynamics simulation
  4. Recent advances in CO2 hydrogenation to value-added products — Current challenges and future directions
  5. Catalytic level identification of ZSM-5 on biomass pyrolysis and aromatic hydrocarbon formation
  6. Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane: catalytic and mechanistic aspects and future trends
  7. Kinetic parameters estimation via dragonfly algorithm (DA) and comparison of cylindrical and spherical reactors performance for CO2 hydrogenation to hydrocarbons
  8. Modeling and statistical analysis of the three-side membrane reactor for the optimization of hydrocarbon production from CO2 hydrogenation
  9. Effect of effectiveness factor on hydrogenation of CO2 to hydrocarbons
  10. Enhancement of hydrogenation of CO2 to hydrocarbons via In-Situ water removal
  11. Mixed matrix membranes for hydrocarbons separation and recovery
  12. CO2 hydrogenation: Estimation of kinetic parameters via ABC and DE algorithms
  13. Progress in spherical packed-bed reactors: Opportunities for refineries and chemical industries
  14. Optimization of Synthesis Conditions of Carbon Nanotubes via Ultrasonic-Assisted Floating Catalyst Deposition Using Response Surface Methodology
  15. Multi-objective optimisation of steam methane reforming considering stoichiometric ratio indicator for methanol production
  16. Thermal Integration of Sulfuric Acid and Continuous Catalyst Regeneration of Naphtha Reforming Plants
  17. CO2 hydrogenation to value-added products
  18. Utilising a radial flow, spherical packed-bed reactor for auto thermal steam reforming of methane to achieve a high capacity of H2 production
  19. Comparison of conventional and spherical reactor for the industrial auto-thermal reforming of methane to maximize synthesis gas and minimize CO2
  20. Effect of Operating Conditions on Cryogenic Carbon Dioxide Removal
  21. Selective acid-functionalized mesoporous silica catalyst for conversion of glycerol to monoglycerides: state of the art and future prospects
  22. Hydrogen production and separation, WGS reaction
  23. A comparative study between Modified Data Envelopment Analysis and Response Surface Methodology for optimisation of heterogeneous biodiesel production from waste cooking palm oil
  24. Transient natural gas liquefaction process
  25. A comparative thermodynamic analysis and experimental studies on hydrogen synthesis by supercritical water gasification of glucose
  26. Recent advances in reactors for low-temperature Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: process intensification perspective
  27. Hydrogenation of CO2 to value-added products
  28. Progress in Reactors for High-Temperature Fischer–Tropsch Process
  29. Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of VPS and HVOF CoNiCrAlY Coatings