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  1. UV-nanoimprint lithography as a tool to develop flexible microfluidic devices for electrochemical detection
  2. Bacteriophage-based nanoprobes for rapid bacteria separation
  3. Phage & phosphatase: a novel phage-based probe for rapid, multi-platform detection of bacteria
  4. Electrospun water-soluble polymer nanofibers for the dehydration and storage of sensitive reagents
  5. Modification of glucose oxidase for the development of biocatalytic solvent inks
  6. Automating fluid delivery in a capillary microfluidic device using low-voltage electrowetting valves
  7. A hybrid paper and microfluidic chip with electrowetting valves and colorimetric detection
  8. Development of fluorescent nanoparticle-labeled lateral flow assay for the detection of nucleic acids
  9. Development of a capillary flow microfluidic Escherichia coli biosensor with on-chip reagent delivery using water-soluble nanofibers
  10. A novel method for the preparation of Ru(bpy)32+-doped silica nanoparticles
  11. An inkjet-printed electrowetting valve for paper-fluidic sensors
  12. Development and surface characterization of an electrowetting valve for capillary-driven microfluidics
  13. Water-Soluble Electrospun Nanofibers as a Method for On-Chip Reagent Storage
  14. Development and characterization of a capillary-flow microfluidic device for nucleic acid detection
  15. Development of Chemiluminescent Lateral Flow Assay for the Detection of Nucleic Acids
  16. Biopatterning for label-free detection
  17. PMMA biosensor for nucleic acids with integrated mixer and electrochemical detection
  18. Design and fabrication of a microfluidic device for near-single cell mRNA isolation using a copper hot embossing master
  19. Trends and opportunities in food pathogen detection
  20. Human pathogenic Cryptosporidium species bioanalytical detection method with single oocyst detection capability
  21. Application of a unique server-based oligonucleotide probe selection tool toward a novel biosensor for the detection of Streptococcus pyogenes