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  1. Adaptive global sliding mode control of underactuated systems using a super-twisting scheme: an experimental study
  2. Super-Twisting Sliding Mode Control for Gearless PMSG-Based Wind Turbine
  3. Second-order sliding set design for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems with disturbances: An LMI approach
  4. Fast terminal sliding mode tracking control of nonlinear uncertain mass–spring system with experimental verifications
  5. Composite nonlinear feedback integral sliding mode tracker design for uncertain switched systems with input saturation
  6. Full and Reduced-Order Unknown Input Observer Design for Linear Time-Delay Systems with Multiple Delays
  7. Fast robust adaptive tracker for uncertain nonlinear second-order systems with time-varying uncertainties and unknown parameters
  8. Adaptive Finite-Time Stabilization of Chaotic Flow with a Single Unstable Node Using a Nonlinear Function-Based Global Sliding Mode
  9. Robust finite-time composite nonlinear feedback control for synchronization of uncertain chaotic systems with nonlinearity and time-delay
  10. A Robust LMI Approach on Nonlinear Feedback Stabilization of Continuous State-Delay Systems with Lipschitzian Nonlinearities: Experimental Validation
  11. Rotary inverted pendulum with magnetically external perturbations as a source of the pendulum’s base navigation commands
  12. Design of an adaptive super-twisting decoupled terminal sliding mode control scheme for a class of fourth-order systems
  13. Design of novel adaptive sliding mode controller for perturbed Chameleon hidden chaotic flow
  14. Adaptive sliding mode control for finite-time stability of quad-rotor UAVs with parametric uncertainties
  15. Adaptive synchronization of fractional-order quadratic chaotic flows with nonhyperbolic equilibrium
  16. New class of chaotic systems with equilibrium points like a three-leaved clover
  17. Robust global second-order sliding mode control with adaptive parameter-tuning law for perturbed dynamical systems
  18. Robust finite-time synchronization of a class of chaotic systems via adaptive global sliding mode control
  19. Secure communication in wireless sensor networks based on chaos synchronization using adaptive sliding mode control
  20. Synchronization of A Class of Uncertain Chaotic Systems with Lipschitz Nonlinearities Using State-Feedback Control Design: A Matrix Inequality Approach
  21. A novel robust adaptive second-order sliding mode tracking control technique for uncertain dynamical systems with matched and unmatched disturbances
  22. Design of an adaptive tracker for n-link rigid robotic manipulators based on super-twisting global nonlinear sliding mode control
  23. Composite nonlinear feedback control technique for master/slave synchronization of nonlinear systems
  24. Adaptive finite-time tracking control of uncertain non-linear n-order systems with unmatched uncertainties
  25. Disturbance observer and finite-time tracker design of disturbed third-order nonholonomic systems using terminal sliding mode
  26. Finite-time tracking control of n th-order chained-form non-holonomic systems in the presence of disturbances
  27. An LMI approach to adaptive robust tracker design for uncertain nonlinear systems with time-delays and input nonlinearities
  28. Design of an adaptive chattering avoidance global sliding mode tracker for uncertain non-linear time-varying systems
  29. Second-order fast terminal sliding mode control design based on LMI for a class of non-linear uncertain systems and its application to chaotic systems
  30. A new LMI-based robust finite-time sliding mode control strategy for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems
  31. Stability analysis and controller design for the performance improvement of disturbed nonlinear systems using adaptive global sliding mode control approach
  32. A Novel Global Sliding Mode Control Based on Exponential Reaching Law for a Class of Underactuated Systems With External Disturbances
  33. Linear matrix inequalities design approach for robust stabilization of uncertain nonlinear systems with perturbation based on optimally-tuned global sliding mode control
  34. An adaptive fast terminal sliding mode control combined with global sliding mode scheme for tracking control of uncertain nonlinear third-order systems
  35. nonholonomic systems
  36. An adaptive chattering-free PID sliding mode control based on dynamic sliding manifolds for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems
  37. Optimal LMI-based state feedback stabilizer for uncertain nonlinear systems with time-Varying uncertainties and disturbances
  38. An LMI-based robust tracker for uncertain linear systems with multiple time-varying delays using optimal composite nonlinear feedback technique
  39. An ISM-based CNF tracking controller design for uncertain MIMO linear systems with multiple time-delays and external disturbances
  40. Finite-time tracking control of chained-form nonholonomic systems with external disturbances based on recursive terminal sliding mode method
  41. Design of LMI-based sliding mode controller with an exponential policy for a class of underactuated systems
  42. Finite-time stabilization of a class of chaotic systems with matched and unmatched uncertainties: An LMI approach
  43. An LMI-based robust controller design using global nonlinear sliding surfaces and application to chaotic systems
  44. Fast terminal sliding mode controller design for nonlinear second-order systems with time-varying uncertainties
  45. Design of a robust tracker and disturbance attenuator for uncertain systems with time delays
  46. Finite-time robust-tracking and model-following controller for uncertain dynamical systems
  47. Design of LMI-based global sliding mode controller for uncertain nonlinear systems with application to Genesio's chaotic system
  48. Design of CNF-based nonlinear integral sliding surface for matched uncertain linear systems with multiple state-delays
  49. Robust tracking controller for multivariable delayed systems with input saturation via composite nonlinear feedback
  50. Transient performance improvement using composite nonlinear feedback and integral sliding surface for matched and unmatched uncertain MIMO linear systems
  51. An LMI-based composite nonlinear feedback terminal sliding-mode controller design for disturbed MIMO systems
  52. Robust tracking control method based on composite nonlinear feedback technique for linear systems with time-varying uncertain parameters and disturbances
  53. An LMI-based finite-time tracker design using nonlinear sliding surfaces
  54. Robust H∞ observer-based control of uncertain T-S fuzzy systems with control constraints
  55. Tracker design using composite nonlinear feedback with application to a DC servomotor
  56. Selection of nonlinear function in integral sliding mode-based composite nonlinear feedback method for transient improvement of uncertain linear systems
  57. A multiple Lyapunov function approach for robust H∞ observer-based tracking control of uncertain T-S fuzzy systems
  58. Linear quadratic optimal control system design using particle swarm optimization algorithm
  59. A new robust model predictive control strategy for rotational inverted pendulum system
  60. A finite-time tracker for nonholonomic systems using recursive singularity-free FTSM
  61. Controller Design for Rotary Inverted Pendulum System Using Evolutionary Algorithms
  62. PSO-Based Controller Design for Rotary Inverted Pendulum System
  63. Design and Implementation of a Controller for Magnetic Levitation System Using Genetic Algorithms
  64. Input-Output Feedback Linearization Cascade Controller Using Genetic Algorithm for Rotary Inverted Pendulum System
  65. GA based input-output feedback linearization controller for rotary inverted pendulum system
  66. Design of MIMO controller for a manipulator using Tabu Search algorithm