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  1. Memory-assisted adaptive multi-verse optimizer and its application in structural shape and size optimization
  2. Seismic evaluation of the bridge with a hybrid system of cable and arch: Simultaneous effect of seismic hazard probabilities and vertical excitations
  3. Seismic vulnerability assessment and retrofitting of historic masonry building of Malek Timche
  4. Optimum geometrical pattern and design of diagrid structures using accelerated fuzzy-GA algorithm
  5. A novel approach for EMI-based corrosion monitoring of concrete-embedded reinforcements
  6. Seismic assessment of a cable-stayed arch bridge under three-component earthquake excitation
  7. Formulating the optimum parameters of modified hanger system in the cable-arch bridge
  8. Size & topology optimization of 3D outrigger‐braced tall buildings with inclined belt truss using GA
  9. Response control of cable-stayed arch bridge using modified hanger system
  10. Investigation of the Progressive Collapse in a Suspension Bridge Under the Explosive Load