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  1. Risk Factors for Severe Covid-19 Disease
  2. Herbal Based Polymeric Nanoparticles as a Therapeutic Remedy for Breast Cancer
  3. Role of Smoking-Mediated molecular events in the genesis of oral cancers
  4. Comparative analysis of the cytotoxic activity of extracts from different parts of A. absinthium L. on breast cancer cell lines and correlation with active compounds concentration
  5. In Silico elucidation of novel anticancer lead molecules targeting Human Prostate Specific Gene-1 protein
  6. HCC Specific Protein Network Involving Interactions of EGFR with A-Raf and Transthyretin: Experimental Analysis and Computational Biology Correlates
  7. Assessment of the therapeutic potential of hesperidin and proteomic resolution of diabetes-mediated neuronal fluctuations expediting Alzheimer’s disease