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  1. Greening internet of things for greener and smarter cities: a survey and future prospects
  2. Performance optimization of tethered balloon technology for public safety and emergency communications
  3. Review for Capacity and Coverage Improvement in Aerially Controlled Heterogeneous Network
  4. Survey on artificial intelligence based techniques for emerging robotic communication
  5. Collaboration of Drone and Internet of Public Safety Things in Smart Cities: An Overview of QoS and Network Performance Optimization
  6. Tethered balloon for disaster management
  7. Tethered Balloon technology for disaster preparedness and recovery assessment.
  8. Channel reservation technique for enhance the QoS using HAP
  9. Call admission control technique for enhance qos in HAP
  10. Handoff technique for QoS enhancement in HAP
  11. HAP antenna radiation pattern for providing coverage and service characteristics
  12. An Intelligent HAP for Broadband Wireless Communications: Developments, QoS and Applications