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  1. Leveraging ICT Investments in Financial Institutions in Oman
  2. Evolving banking market structure in Oman: should Central Bank of Oman approve the mergers?
  3. Omanization (Development Transformation of the Sultanate of Oman) as an Economic and Social Wellbeing Goal: Application of TSR Circular Causation Method
  4. A combined goal programming and inverse DEA method for target setting in mergers
  5. Mobile Banking Adoption: Key Challenges and Opportunities and Implications for a Developing Country
  6. Perceptions Towards Entrepreneurship and Intention to Become Entrepreneurs:The Case of SQU Students
  7. Interest banking spreads in Oman and Arab GCC
  8. A multi-analytical model for mobile banking adoption: a developing country perspective
  9. A new inverse data envelopment analysis model for mergers with negative data
  10. The Effect of Institutional Quality on Bank Lending in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries
  11. Interest rate in Oman: is it fair?
  12. Arab Banks during Tranquil and Turbulent Times: A Reflection of Arab Economies
  13. Cooperative and Islamic Banks: What Can They Learn from Each Other?
  14. Assessment of mergers and acquisitions in GCC banking
  15. Financial Sector Development and the Determinants of Bank Profitability: A GCC Panel Study
  16. Cooperative and Islamic Banks: What can they Learn from Each Other?
  17. Analyzing the technical efficiency of insurance companies in GCC
  18. The competition and market structure in the Saudi Arabia banking
  19. Market power versus efficient-structure in Arab GCC banking
  20. Analysis of competitiveness in Qatar banking industry
  21. Testing the contestability in Kuwait banking industry
  22. An examination of technical, pure technical and scale efficiencies in GCC banking
  23. The causes of productivity change in GCC banking industry
  24. Market structure and competitive conditions in the Arab GCC banking system