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  1. The legacy of war: The effect of militias on postwar repression
  2. Progovernment Militias
  3. Canaries in a coal-mine? What the killings of journalists tell us about future repression
  4. Pro-Government Militias and Conflict
  5. Risk Mitigation, Regime Security, and Militias: Beyond Coup-proofing
  6. Governments, Informal Links to Militias, and Accountability
  7. The Impact of Pro-Government Militias on Human Rights Violations
  8. States, the security sector, and the monopoly of violence
  9. Forecasting in International Relations
  10. Exploring the Past, Anticipating the Future: A Symposium
  11. The Use of Repression as a Response to Domestic Dissent
  12. The Politics of Human Rights
  13. To Kill or to Protect
  14. European Aid: Human Rights Versus Bureaucratic Inertia?
  15. Rebellion in Africa: Disaggregating the Effect of Political Regimes
  16. Assessing Risk and Opportunity in Conflict Studies
  17. The Dynamic Relationship Between Protest and Repression
  18. Small Group Teaching: Perceptions and Problems
  19. Book Review: From Voting to Violence: Democratization and Nationalist Conflict