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  1. The Analytical Scheme on the Inertial Drag for Buoyancy-driven Nanofluid Flow Under Convective Thermal Surface with the Soret Effect
  2. Enhanced heat transfer rate analysis with inertial drag effect in a micropolar nanofluid flow within a channel: response surface methodology
  3. Illustration of homogeneous–heterogeneous reactions on the MHD boundary layer flow through stretching curved surface with convective boundary condition and heat source
  4. Influence of an induced magnetic field and flow behavior of (AA7072–AA7075/water) hybrid nanoliquid in a vertical channel with suction velocity
  5. Role of particle shape considering three-dimensional flow of water-based ternary hybrid nanofluids for the interaction of magnetic field
  6. On the entropy analysis for the three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic nanofluid over a shrinking surface
  7. On the free convection of magneto-micropolar fluid in association with thermal radiation and chemical reaction and optimized heat transfer rate using response surface methodology
  8. Mathematical modelling of heat and solutal rate with cross‐diffusion effect on the flow of nanofluid past a curved surface under the impact of thermal radiation and heat source: Sensitivity analysis
  9. Impact of inertial drag on the entropy generation for water-based hybrid nanofluid through a permeable medium with heat generation/absorption
  10. Hybridization of artificial neural network and response surface methodology for the optimized heat transfer rate on three-dimensional micropolar nanofluid using Hamilton–Crosser conductivity model through a circular cylinder
  11. Radiation absorption impact on the thermophysical properties of Cu- and TiO2-water nanofluids: Laplace transform technique
  12. Impact of inertial drag on the radiative nanofluid flow over a curved surface for the effect of chemical reaction with convective conditions
  13. Characteristic of thermal buoyancy and heat source on hybrid nanofluid stagnation-point flow under the action of convective boundary condition and induced magnetic field
  14. Response surface methodology and sensitive analysis for optimizing heat transfer rate on the 3D hybrid nanofluid flow through permeable stretching surface
  15. Application of cooling processes for the impact of variable thermal conductivity on the MHD flow of kerosene-based nanofluid
  16. Illustration of reacting species on the magnetohydrodynamic flow of micropolar fluid through an expanding surface with ohmic heating
  17. Exponential space-based heat source on Sakiadis flow of a dusty nanofluid using KKL model useful in solar radiation
  18. Analytical approach for the unsteady MHD hybrid nanofluid flow in a permeable medium with ramped wall temperature
  19. Impact of Newtonian Heating on MHD Micropolar Fluid for the Influence of Heat Source
  20. Hybrid Methodology for the Computational Behaviour of Thermal Radiation and Chemical Reaction on Viscoelastic Nanofluid Flow
  21. Analytical approach on the free convection of Buongiorno model nanofluid over a shrinking surface
  22. Characteristics of variable plate conditions on the time-dependent flow of polar fluid over an expanding/contracting surface
  23. Free Convective Flow of Hamilton-Crosser Model Gold-water Nanofluid Through a Channel with Permeable Moving Walls
  24. Joule heating and thermal radiation impact on MHD boundary layer Nanofluid flow along an exponentially stretching surface with thermal stratified medium
  25. Heat transfer analysis on Engine oil-based hybrid nanofluid past an exponentially stretching permeable surface with Cu/Al2O3 additives
  26. Marangoni convection of γ-Al2O3-water/ethylene glycol nanofluids with the inclusion of nonlinear thermal radiation
  27. Impact of partial slip on the radiative conducting nanofluid flow through an expanding sheet for the interaction of heat source/sink
  28. Squeezing flow analysis of time dependent AA7072 and AA7075 water-based nanofluids through parallel disks with velocity and thermal slip conditions
  29. Impact of radiative and dissipative heat on the Williamson nanofluid flow within a parallel channel due to thermal buoyancy
  30. Increasing effects of Coriolis force on the cupric oxide and silver nanoparticles based nanofluid flow when thermal radiation and heat source/sink are significant
  31. Peristaltic flow of electrically conducting nanofluid under the action of Joule and radiative heat within an asymmetric microchannel
  32. Simulation of time-dependent radiative heat motion over a stretching/shrinking sheet of hybrid Nanofluid: Stability analysis for dual solutions
  33. Study of a nonuniform heat source over a Riga plate using nth‐order chemical reaction on Oldroyd‐B nanofluid flow for two‐dimensional motion
  34. Computational Behavior of Second Law Poiseuille Flow of Micropolar Fluids in a Channel: Analytical Treatment
  35. Semi-Analytical Solution of Two-Dimensional Viscous Flow through Expanding/Contracting Gaps with Permeable Walls
  36. Computation of radiative Marangoni (thermocapillary) magnetohydrodynamic convection in a Cu‐water based nanofluid flow from a disk in porous media: Smart coating simulation
  37. Semi-analytical solution of MHD free convective Jeffrey fluid flow in the presence of heat source and chemical reaction
  38. Analysis of the impact of physical parameters on a water‐based Al 2 O 3 nanofluid using the KKL model
  39. Duan–Rach Approach to Study Al2O3-Ethylene Glycol C2H6O2 Nanofluid Flow Based upon KKL Model
  40. Exploration of heat transfer effect in a magnetohydrodynamics flow of a micropolar fluid between a porous and a nonporous disk
  41. Behavior of slip boundary conditions for the flow of nanofluid in the presence of an inclined magnetic field
  42. Adomian decomposition method for the MHD flow of a viscous fluid with the influence of dissipative heat energy
  43. Williamson nanofluid flow through porous medium in the presence of melting heat transfer boundary condition: semi-analytical approach
  44. Free convective Poiseuille flow through porous medium between two infinite vertical plates in slip flow regime
  45. Dissipative heat energy on Cu and Al2O3 ethylene–glycol-based nanofluid flow over a heated semi-infinite vertical plate
  46. Heat transport of nano-micropolar fluid with an exponential heat source on a convectively heated elongated plate using numerical computation
  47. Similarity solution of three‐dimensional MHD radiative Casson nanofluid motion over a stretching surface with chemical and diffusion‐thermo effects
  48. The Couette flow of a conducting Jeffrey fluid when the walls are lined with deformable porous material
  50. Peristaltic flow of Buongiorno model nanofluids within a sinusoidal wall surface used in drug delivery
  51. Multiple slip effects on MHD nanofluid flow over an inclined, radiative, and chemically reacting stretching sheet by means of FDM
  52. Nanofluid Motion Past a Shrinking Sheet in Porous Media Under the Impact of Radiation and Heat Source/Sink
  53. Combined effects of free convection and chemical reaction with heat–mass flux conditions: A semianalytical technique
  54. Unsteady MHD flow of laminar liquid film over a porous medium using DTM-Pade approximation
  55. Simultaneous influence of thermo-diffusion and diffusion-thermo on non-Newtonian hyperbolic tangent magnetised nanofluid with Hall current through a nonlinear stretching surface
  56. Adomian decomposition method simulation of von Kármán swrling bioconvection nanofluid flow
  57. Numerical approach to MHD flow of power-law fluid on a stretching sheet with non-uniform heat source
  58. Squeezing flow analysis of MHD micropolar fluid on radial and angular velocity: A semianalytical approach
  59. Free convective magnetohydrodynamic flow over an exponentially stretching sheet with radiation
  60. Interaction of Cu and Ag nanoparticles on MHD water-based nanofluids past a stretching sheet
  61. Effect of viscous dissipation on Cu-water and Cu-kerosene nanofluids of axisymmetric radiative squeezing flow
  62. Free convective MHD micropolar fluid flow with thermal radiation and radiation absorption: A numerical study
  63. Viscous Dissipation and Joule Heating Effects in Non-Fourier MHD Squeezing Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer Between Riga Plates with Thermal Radiation: Variational Parameter Method Solutions
  64. Cu-water and Cu-kerosene micropolar nanofluid flow over a permeable stretching sheet
  65. An analytical approach to the metal and metallic oxide properties of Cu–water and $$\hbox {TiO}_{2}$$–water nanofluids over a moving vertical plate
  66. A Semi-Analytical Approach to Time Dependent Squeezing Flow of Cu and Ag Water-Based Nanofluids
  67. Effect of thermal radiation on magnetohydrodynamic three-dimensional motion of a nanofluid past a shrinking surface under the influence of a heat source
  68. Thermo-Solutal Chemically Reacting Micropolar Fluid Past a Permeable Stretching Porous Sheet
  69. Effects of discrete heat source location on heat transfer and entropy generation of nanofluid in an open inclined L-shaped cavity
  70. Numerical investigation of entropy generation in microporous channel with thermal radiation and buoyancy force
  71. Unsteady squeezing flow of water-based nanofluid between two parallel disks with slip effects: Analytical approach
  72. Chemical reaction effect of an axisymmetric flow over radially stretched sheet
  73. Unsteady Chemo-Tribological Squeezing Flow of Magnetized Bioconvection Lubricants: Numerical Study
  74. Heat transfer effect on MHD flow of a micropolar fluid through porous medium with uniform heat source and radiation
  75. Semianalytical solution of axisymmetric flows of Cu- and Ag-water nanofluids between two rotating disks
  78. Heat and Mass Transfer of MHD Stretched Nanofluids in the Presence of Chemical Reaction
  79. Chemically Reacting Radiative Casson Fluid Over an Inclined Porous Plate: A Numerical Study
  80. Effect of Heat Generation and Viscous Dissipation on MHD 3D Casson Nanofluid Flow Past an Impermeable Stretching Sheet
  81. Study of heat and mass transfer on MHD Walters B′ nanofluid flow induced by a stretching porous surface
  82. Chemical reaction effect on MHD viscoelastic fluid flow over a vertical stretching sheet with heat source/sink
  83. Numerical study of heat transfer and viscous flow in a dual rotating extendable disk system with a non-Fourier heat flux model
  84. Exploration of Chemical Reaction Effects on Entropy Generation in Heat and Mass Transfer of Magneto-Jeffery Liquid
  85. lie symmetry analysis
  86. Free Convective Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer in a Micropolar Fluid Over a Shrinking Sheet in the Presence of a Heat Source
  87. Analytical Solution of Electrical Conducting Water-Based (KKL Model) Nanofluid Flow Over a Linearly Stretching Sheet
  88. Effect of Viscous Dissipation and Joule Heating on Magnetohydrodynamic Jeffery Nanofluid Flow With and Without Multi Slip Boundary Conditions
  89. Magnetohydrodynamic Boundary Layer Flow Over an Exponentially Stretching Sheet Past a Porous Medium with Uniform Heat Source
  90. Influence of a uniform transverse magnetic field on the thermo-hydrodynamic stability in water-based nanofluids with metallic nanoparticles using the generalized Buongiorno’s mathematical model
  91. Unsteady reactive magnetic radiative micropolar flow, heat and mass transfer from an inclined plate with Joule heating: A model for magnetic polymer processing
  92. Free convective micropolar fluid flow and heat transfer over a shrinking sheet with heat source
  93. Thermal energy transport on MHD nanofluid flow over a stretching surface: A comparative study
  94. An analysis of hydrodynamic ferrofluid lubrication of an inclined rough slider bearing
  95. Transport properties on MHD 3D ethylene glycol and water based colloidal suspensions (Al, CuO and SiC) nanoparticles: a numerical study
  96. Entropy generation analysis for viscoelastic MHD flow over a stretching sheet embedded in a porous medium
  97. An extensive investigation of work function modulated trapezoidal recessed channel MOSFET
  98. Effect of Radiation on MHD Free Convective Flow over a Stretching Sheet in the Presence of Heat Source/Sink
  99. Dissipation effect on MHD mixed convection flow over a stretching sheet through porous medium with non-uniform heat source/sink
  100. Simultaneous effects of chemical reaction and Ohmic heating with heat and mass transfer over a stretching surface: A numerical study
  101. Analysis of heat and mass transfer with MHD and chemical reaction effects on viscoelastic fluid over a stretching sheet
  102. MHD stagnation point flow of micropolar fluid past on a vertical plate in the presence of porous medium
  103. Chemically Reacting MHD Mixed Convection Variable Viscosity Blasius Flow Embedded in a Porous Medium
  104. MHD Stagnation-Point Flow Past over a Stretching Sheet in the Presence of Non-Darcy Porous Medium and Heat Source/Sink
  105. Effect of RRC on SOI MOSFET to improve the SCE
  106. MHD viscoelastic fluid flow through porous medium over a stretching sheet in the presence of non-uniform heat source/sink
  107. An experimental approach to produce biogas from semi dried banana leaves
  109. Numerical investigation on MHD micropolar fluid flow toward a stagnation point on a vertical surface with heat source and chemical reaction
  110. A mathematical model of MHD nanofluid flow having gyrotactic microorganisms with thermal radiation and chemical reaction effects
  111. Chemical reaction and Soret effects on hydromagnetic micropolar fluid along a stretching sheet
  112. Numerical simulation of heat transfer effect on Oldroyd 8-constant fluid with wire coating analysis
  113. Numerical approach to boundary layer stagnation-point flow past a stretching/shrinking sheet
  114. Chemical reaction effect on MHD free convection flow in a micropolar fluid
  115. Numerical analysis of hydromagnetic micropolar fluid along a stretching sheet embedded in porous medium with non-uniform heat source and chemical reaction
  116. Effect of sinusoidal magnetic field on a rough porous hyperbolic slider bearing with ferrofluid lubrication and slip velocity
  117. Chemical Reaction Effect on MHD Jeffery Fluid Flow over a Stretching Sheet Through Porous Media with Heat Generation/Absorption
  118. Performance analysis of SOI MOSFET with rectangular recessed channel
  119. On Stagnation Point Flow of Variable Viscosity Nanofluids Past a Stretching Surface with Radiative Heat
  120. MHD flow of a visco-elastic fluid through a porous medium between infinite parallel plates with time dependent suction
  121. Chemical reaction effect on MHD free convective surface over a moving vertical plate through porous medium
  122. Effect of heat source and double stratification on MHD free convection in a micropolar fluid
  123. Numerical investigation on heat and mass transfer effect of micropolar fluid over a stretching sheet through porous media
  124. Flow over Exponentially Stretching Sheet through Porous Medium with Heat Source/Sink
  125. Power Law Fluid Model in Post Treatment Analysis of Wire Coating with Linearly Varying Temperature
  126. Free Convective Fluctuating MHD Flow through Porous Media Past a Vertical Porous Plate with Variable Temperature and Heat Source
  127. Numerical Solution of Boundary Layer MHD Flow with Viscous Dissipation
  128. Mass and heat transfer effect on MHD flow of a visco-elastic fluid through porous medium with oscillatory suction and heat source