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  1. Engineering micropatterned surfaces to modulate the function of vascular stem cells
  2. Dual-mode hydrodynamic railing and arraying of microparticles for multi-stage signal detection in continuous flow biochemical microprocessors
  3. Microfluidic bead-based diodes with targeted circular microchannels for low Reynolds number applications
  4. Graphene electrodes enhance performance for microliter scale microbial fuel cells
  5. Microdroplet-based synthesis and centrifuge-free retrieval of nanoparticles via a continuous flow micropost array railing system
  6. Pressure gain in single-layer microfluidics devices via optofluidic lithography
  7. Single-layer microfluidic “spring” diodes via optofluidic lithography for ultra-low reynolds number applications
  8. Stackable cow dung based microfabricated microbial fuel cells
  9. A bead-in-droplet solution exchange system via continuous flow microfluidic railing
  10. Single-layer “domino” diodes via optofluidic lithography for ultra-low Reynolds number applications
  11. Cells on arrays of microsprings: An approach to achieve triaxial control of substrate stiffness
  12. Hydrodynamic resettability for a microfluidic particulate-based arraying system
  13. Continuous flow multi-stage microfluidic reactors via hydrodynamic microparticle railing
  14. A single-microbead-based microfluidic diode for ultra-low Reynolds Number applications
  15. Finger-powered bead-in-droplet microfluidic system for point-of-care diagnostics
  16. Continuous flow layer-by-layer microbead functionalization via a micropost array railing system
  17. Mechanical regulation of collective cell behavior via microtopographic substrates
  18. Finger-powered microdroplet generator
  19. Microfluidic channels fabricated using a lithography-free method
  20. A dynamic bead-based microarray for parallel DNA detection
  21. Unidirectional mechanical cellular stimuli via micropost array gradients
  22. Finger-powered, pressure-driven microfluidic pump
  23. Effects of micropost spacing and stiffness on cell motility
  24. Microfluidic Ping Pong for cytokine detection
  25. Unidirectional cellular durotaxis via microfabricated posts of varying anisotropy
  26. Bead-Immobilized Molecular Beacons for High Throughput SNP Genotyping Via a Microfluidic System