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  1. HIV-1 Envelope Glycan Moieties Modulate HIV-1 Transmission
  2. Vaginal Myeloid Dendritic Cells Transmit Founder HIV-1
  3. Interactions between HIV‐1 and Mucosal Cells in the Female Reproductive Tract
  4. Mucosal Correlates of Protection in HIV‐1‐Exposed Sero‐negative Persons
  5. Stromal Down-Regulation of Macrophage CD4/CCR5 Expression and NF-κB Activation Mediates HIV-1 Non-Permissiveness in Intestinal Macrophages
  6. Early HIV‐1 Target Cells in Human Vaginal and Ectocervical Mucosa
  7. The immunoglobulin CH1 constant region modulates antigen binding affinity and functional activities of the broadly neutralizing 2F5 HIV specific antibody
  8. The VSV polymerase can initiate at mRNA start sites located either up or downstream of a transcription termination signal but size of the intervening intergenic region affects efficiency of initiation
  9. Structures required for poly(A) tail-independent translation overlap with, but are distinct from, cap-independent translation and RNA replication signals at the 3′ end of Tobacco necrosis virus RNA
  10. Subgenomic RNA as a riboregulator: negative regulation of RNA replication by Barley yellow dwarf virus subgenomic RNA 2