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  1. We don't have enough data to determine the authorship of Shakespeare's plays
  2. When function word adjacency networks (WANs) measure canon size not style
  3. Evidence of Marlowe's hand in Shakespeare's 2 Henry VI
  4. Shakespeare didn't use Warwickshire dialect words - additional claims
  5. Marlowe cannot be denied his own plays by computational methods
  6. Blank Verse
  7. Christopher Marlowe and Gervase Markham
  8. Everard Guilpin's 'Fuscus' identified as Sir John Davies
  9. Where did Shakespeare get the names Bardolph and Poins?
  10. Is 'Honey-stalks' Warwickshire dialect?
  11. An alternative reading of Shakespeare's Sonnets
  12. Shakespeare Authorship Doubt in 1593