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  1. Bringing EU citizens together or pulling them apart? The European Health Insurance Card, east–west mobility and the failed promise of European social integration
  2. 14. Interest Groups
  3. Towards a Socialization of the EU's New Economic Governance Regime? EU Labour Policy Interventions in Germany, Ireland, Italy and Romania (2009–2019)
  4. Transnational Competence: A Transformative Tool? A Comparison of German and Irish Political Trade Union Education Programs
  5. How to Analyse a Supranational Regime That Nationalises Social Conflict?
  6. Social movements or state apparatus?
  7. Labour politics and the EU’s new economic governance regime (European Unions)
  8. Direct democracy and trade union action
  9. A Primordial Attachment to the Nation? French and Irish Workers and Trade Unions in Past EU Referendum Debates
  10. 14. Interest groups
  11. Training programmes for European works councillors in Germany, in Ireland and at EU level: Transnational trade union action through education?
  12. Equal Pay by Gender and by Nationality: A Comparative Analysis of Switzerland’s Unequal Equal Pay Policy Regimes Across Time*
  13. Is migration from Central and Eastern Europe an opportunity for trade unions to demand higher wages? Evidence from the Romanian health sector
  14. A supranational regime that nationalizes social conflict: Explaining European trade unions' difficulties in politicizing European economic governance
  15. Introduction: politicizing the transnational
  16. European collective action in times of crisis
  17. Editorial
  18. Éditorial
  19. Editorial
  20. Equal pay by gender and by nationality: a comparative analysis of Switzerland's unequal equal pay policy regimes across time
  21. European Economic Governance. Auf dem Weg zu einer erzwungenen Integration nationaler Arbeitsbeziehungen?
  22. Explaining Romanian labor migration: from development gaps to development trajectories
  23. National unionism and union democracy in crisis
  24. Book Review: Le salaire, un enjeu pour l’euro-syndicalisme. Histoire de la coordination des négotiations collectives nationales
  25. Let’s accept a smaller slice of a shrinking cake. The Irish Congress of Trade Unions and Irish public sector unions in crisis
  26. European Unions
  27. Mind the gap: national and local partnership in the Irish public sector
  28. Social Movements and Europeanization - By D. della Porta and M. Caiani
  29. Governing International Labour Migration: Current Issues, Challenges and Dilemmas. Edited by Christina Gabriel and Hélène Pellerin. New York: Routledge, 2008. 272p. $140. - Globalization and Labor: Democratizing Global Governance. By Dimitris Stevis an...
  30. Labour Historysymposium: Roland Erne, European unions
  31. on the use and abuse of bibliometric performance indicators: a critique of Hix's ‘global ranking of political science departments’
  32. Obligatorisches Referendum, Plebiszit und Volksbegehren — drei Typen direkter Demokratie im europäischen Vergleich
  33. Social democracy in the age of internationalisation
  34. European Unions After the Crisis
  35. European Trade-Union Strategies: Between Technocratic Efficiency and Democratic Legitimacy
  36. Euro-Democratisation and its Alternatives. An Analytical Framework for Organised Labour. Roland Erne